FIFA 14: 5 Improvements EA Must Make

WC - Yesterday, EA Sports dropped the first FIFA 14 details for us to pick over, including 12 brand new screenshots and information on new gameplay features.

With the Barclay’s Premier League drawing to a close over the next month, football fans are going to need to get their fix somehow, and thus the official announcement of EA’s latest football game has arrived at precisely the right time.

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gamernova2007d ago

They need to add the ability to fake a foul, knock the air out of someone that blocks a shot with their stomach, argue with the ref, start a fight with the rival team after a nasty foul, take your shirt off while celebrating, let fans throw garbage on the field, better fan graphics, let the ref screw up every once in a while, be able to have multiple line ups in manager mode to give the youngsters a chance to play without having to switch everyone out, letting players have a life so maybe they won't perform as well because they were partying haha and a shit load of other stuff.