Since it is the “Year of Luigi” how about a few suggestions?

Analog Addiction writes: "Luigi, the most famous second-hand guy out there. We all know of him….as Mario’s brother but this guy’s popularity is more than some ‘main’ characters of other video game series! Since Nintendo has declared the year of 2013 to be the “Year of Luigi” and the fact that Luigi will be starring in many games this year ranging from Luigi Mansion 2 (release tomorrow), a new Mario & Luigi RPG game, and his own DLC pack for New Super Mario Bros U. (Nintendo Direct at it again!), I thought I might as well dip my hand into the hat. I think it is time for Luigi to get his own real game, outside his usual forte of higher-jump Mario in the Super Mario Bros series. Yes, yes we all know Luigi did have the Mario is Missing games and his most famous solo-adventure Luigi’s Mansion but I’m taking about a real Luigi adventure."

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kirbyu2033d ago

Luigi Grand Theft Auto

3-4-52033d ago

Or a Detective Luigi Game

josephayal2033d ago

The year of meh! I want hardcore games more mature with deep storylines like GTA5 and Far cry 3

RTheRebel2033d ago

Blood and Guns WOOOOT
Makes me so mature @[email protected]

PopRocks3592033d ago

I'll never understand why guys like you make such a huge deal out of it. It's just a fun little promotion they're doing for fans, no different than the polling that Warner Bros. was doing to promote Injustice.

Kevlar0092033d ago

How is Luigi's Mansion not a "real Luigi adventure"?