Top 10 scary/disturbing bosses in non-horror games

Rely on Horror: I love boss-fights; they are the big baddies that truly test your skills and demand you to show off your knowledge of the game’s mechanics. Depending on their role in the story, it can lead to some dynamic and memorable villains. For part 3 in this series of countdowns based on non-horror games, I wanted to talk about some of these awesome bosses, particularly the ones that were also notably scary.

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Snookies122060d ago

Neat list, it was a good read.

brodychet2059d ago

dark souls wouldn't be considered horror, correct? Well in that case, I'd say Ceaseless Discharge to be put in this. '^'

Jagsrock2060d ago

The Doll Maker from Alice Madness Returns is extremely creepy. The fight is even more disturbing when you realize what it is symbolizing.

negative_zero2060d ago

Somehow I knew what #1 was going to be before even clicking on this. Good job!