A Link To The Past 2 is exactly what Nintendo needs

Nintendo could have taken the easy way out with this title. Hardcore fans would line up in droves to purchase just a graphically updated version of A Link To The Past. Taking that universe, updating it, and then crafting an original Zelda story around it, is not only out of character for Nintendo, but also a great idea.

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Relientk772011d ago

Definitely very happy about A Link To The Past 2

Temporary2011d ago

Ill buy a 3DS for that game alone. They have my money already.

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majiebeast2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

I have Link to the past on my snes. Gameplay for this looks good, but god does the artstyle kill all excitement for it. What were they thinking? Same for the new Yoshi's island 3DS game it has lost any charm the original had same for LTTP2. Nintendo should hire some better art directors or something.

Kevlar0092011d ago

I have doubts on YI2 as well (too zoomed in, Yoshi has weird animations)

On the other hand I do like LTTP2, it's what you would expect from a Top-down, 3D Zelda (the art style is up to personal taste) and the 3D effects are impressive.

pat_11_52011d ago

I'm excited to see if the game actually plays well.

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LordHiggens2011d ago

A Link to the Past was one of the more mature Zelda had a nice dark undertone to it. I don't like this style for it's sequel...too childish, A Link to the Past should have evolved.

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The story is too old to be commented.