10 better-than-Hollywood video game cosplayers

Cosplay — short for “costume play,” in which fans create and wear costumes based on fictional characters — still happily occupies its attention-getting, superfan niche. But the hobby has evolved in recent years from something you might throw together for Halloween into a full-on artistic endeavor. Some companies now even hire “amateur” cosplayers to represent their top-tier characters at professional trade shows.

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Lifeequals422010d ago

Some of these are absolutely insane.

barefootgamer2010d ago

<3 the Garrus and Kerrigan costumes!

Sadie21002010d ago

Man, these definitely don't look like regular ol' cosplay. I wonder how much some of these outfits cost!

FrightfulActions2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Fans can always produce better cosplay then hollywood simply because fans actually care about detail. Hollywood doesn't care if the subject remains accurate to its base material, they just want to make it appeal to the widest audience possible.

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