Opening Hours: Defiance

Gamer Euphoria writes:

''*Opening Hours is a run down of the early stages of any given MMO I’m currently playing. This feature is mainly produced instead of a review, as MMOs take months to play through and fairly review. Opening Hours normally tracks the initial first five or so hours of the game.

I approached Defiance in a some what cautious manner. The trailers and assets released prior to the game’s launch did little to excite. Other reasons why I was hesitant to jump into Defiance surrounded its target market, the console owning non-MMO player. As something of a MMO veteran, I’ve seen what the very best has to offer, as well as the worst. With all that being said, I decided to invest in Defiance, the PC version of Defiance.''

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MysticStrummer2007d ago

This was posted once before. I was hoping this was the next installment.

GamerEuphoria2007d ago

Not sure how it's made it back on here. The second entry was posted on N4G, however it got buried by early approvals and didn't make it on the pages! :D