CVG- First Play: Zelda: A Link to the Past 2

CVG:You've got to respect the risk Nintendo is taking. It could just as easily have developed an entirely new, standalone entry in the series and, given that an original Zelda game hasn't been released for the 3DS yet, garnered similar excitement.

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ps3_pwns2012d ago

not a risk this is what real zelda fans wanted all along instead of that phantom hour bs crap that people defended crap touch to attack crap while i bashed those crappy zelda games. now you guys will see a real zelda game. if you guys stop acting like you like every crappy nintendo game that nintedo messes up on and doesnt do the series justice then maybe we would get more games like lttp 2 instead of zelda spirit tracks and paper mario sticker star. i want real paper mario not that crap game. you people need to know when to get pissed at nintendo and tell them to make the game how u want it. thats why we getting lttp 2 and thats why they pushed pikmin 3 release date back so they can make the changes we want them to make. you cant blindly just be like the game will be cool because its nintendo just because u a fanboy you got to say why a games looks dumb or plays dumb every time so nintedo can learn.