Successful Open Beta Ends To Make Way For ‘RF Online 1.5’ Official Launch Today

OnNet Europe GmbH announced today that after conclusion of open beta testing, RF Online 1.5 is now commercially available. A new and improved version of its predecessor, RF Online, the 1.5 version features enhanced balance, a new level cap at 105, new maps and the new Cash Shop. Additionally, until April 24th, new users have the chance to win Amazon gift cards of up to €500 value, and returning players can win in-game currency, special content and great rewards! Over 50,000 players registered during open beta testing. Join them by downloading the RF Online 1.5 client now.

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kyon1472104d ago

I loved RF online years ago, used to play this game all the time it was great for its age.

Not sure if it stands up now though.

GROTSTOMPA2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

RF Online had some of the greatest concepts for it's classes, game mechanics, and art design. However this was one of the worst Korean MMO market MMO's ever brought over to North America, I say ONE OF THE WORST, with caution because there have been many hideous Korean games before and after (but this one stands out most in my memories for badness).
Do not believe a single person who says this game was "decent" or good", Example: Every player in the game had to leave RF Online -ON- over night (taking their title "online" to a new literal level), just in order to get currency, & yes the game was meant to have nothing but AFK players everywhere because not only did you have to mine AFK for 8+ hours (that means 1 spot, 1 position 8+ hours) to have enough to sell for a decent amount to the VENDOR of all things, THEN you had to sit over night AFK with a PENNY between several keyboard keys so your character would spam only 1-2 abilities over night, over and over and over so you could LEVEL up your abilities... yes it was meant to be that way because you'd MAYBE have a skill half way leveled after 8+ hours over night AFK spamming.
BOTTOM LINE - No one in their right mind would ever give HOMAGE to such a terrible game, I've literally listed maybe 2 things out of hundreds that were broken, no it wasn't great for it's time, it was never great period, it was barely a game at that. However I will say, it had some of the coolest concepts and kept me playing for a month as I recall just because I wanted to get in a giant MECH (class) and blow away mobs, or be a robot that you could strap on armor to and look insanely cool... but that's it, you look cool. Great. Thanks!