Casual gaming: is it a crime? aims to discover whether "filthy casuals" are the mockery the internet appears to think they are.

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WelshPixie2034d ago

Eh, in my experience people who kick up a fuss about silly things like that only do it from insecurity :D

Why o why2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

Course its not a crime. Many people including myself buy and enjoy casual games.

Here's the thing though. If you look at the n4g comments from a few years ago you'd notice a trend or belief that was pushed by both HD camps and that was that the wii was for casuals. Soccer mom's was a term used widely to describe the wii demographic and in a way that some could say was disparaging. Lets face it, apart from the stellar core titles the majority were simplistic or aimed at a different type of gamer.

What's changed. . ? Nothing really but it seems like vocally preferring core games is now a crime like my/our gaming desires should just change with whatever the gaming trends might dictate. Nah mate, my main gaming enjoyment is core games. The ones I spent my 5 bills on a HD console to play. The casuals games are my desserts not my mains but both have a place on my gaming table.

HanCilliers2034d ago

IMHO, what does it matter? Gaming is gaming. Great read

DesVader2034d ago

Gaming is gaming, agreed.