Nintendo Direct Recap: Nintendo declares WAR!

FrontBurnr: The declaration of war came in the form of a new episode of Nintendo Direct. Though the North American episodes of Nintendo Direct are usually hosted by Reggie Fils-Aime, the episode this morning was hosted by Satoru Iwata, the president of Nintendo, along with Mario and Luigi.

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deafdani2013d ago

War? Against what? The Vita hasn't been much of a threat for the 3DS, like... ever.

Rushing_Punch2013d ago

Well, at least they are finally listening to fans a little. I really hope that good Earthbound sales will convince them to do a full blown Mother 3 release

lilbroRx2013d ago

Not gonna happen. Mother 3 has a lot of issues that people would make a BIG deal about in America, especially since its made by Nitnendo.

It would have to get neutered to come here and I just don't see that occurring.

Rushing_Punch2013d ago

They did say the same about Earthbound, didn't they?

agentxk2013d ago

Yeah, did say Earthbound was NEVER coming back to the US. I'd call that a glimmer of home for Mother 3, IF Earthbound does well.

LKHGFDSA2013d ago

you're actually hoping that they re-release a GBA game that anyone can download and play for free?
what's the point in that.

lilbroRx2012d ago

This is a completely different issue with a completely different set of reasons.

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LKHGFDSA2013d ago

war on original titles.

skyrimer2012d ago

Next time someone should tell them they have a console that's doing fine (3ds) and one that has nothing to play (wiiU), so they better release some games for the latter instead. Oh wait, they got Luigi DLC, WiiU is saved!

deafdani2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

4 months into the 3DS's lifecycle, its game gallery was as barren as the Wii U's is now, if not more. So, I'll give Nintendo the benefit of the doubt here, maybe they were too busy catching up with the 3DS to give the Wii U more attention.