How the PlayStation 3 Beat Out the Xbox 360 and Won Over Our Hearts

SuperPhillip Central writes, "Now, we know what you're thinking. 1) Sales between the PS3 and 360 are very close, so we cannot say with a straight face that the PS3 beat out the 360. That's not what we mean when we say Sony's system beat out Microsoft's, and 2) Saying a gaming system won over our hearts is incredibly lame and something a fan-thing would say. We are most certainly not fan-things at SuperPhillip Central, but saying "won over our hearts" was the briefest way to put that the PlayStation 3 was a console we used to not care about to one that we now cannot get enough of. To go back to point #1, what do we mean then when we say that the PlayStation 3 "beat out the Xbox 360"? That's an excellent condition, so let us elaborate."

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Muerte24942013d ago

While not being Sony's ps2, managed an incredible feat the generation. Those doom and gloom articles where every from 2007-2009 with this "is this the year of the ps3?" headline. Outselling your closest competitor at a higher price point and launching a year later is definitely something to take pride in.

wenaldy2013d ago

God bless PS3 and her successor..

Army_of_Darkness2013d ago

sometimes my pS3 [email protected] blocks me cause it makes me forget that my GF is next to me, which means no booty afterwards:-(....

--Onilink--2013d ago

well yes and no, even though the PS3 launched a year later and with a higher price, Sony(and Nintendo) have a huge advantage over Microsoft with the fact that they have an extra territory (a very successful one also) that Microsoft will never have no matter what they do.

So just as we should praise Sony for what they were able to achieve launching a year later and higher price, we could also praise MS for matching PS3 sales without a very large marketplace

--Onilink--2013d ago

well its not like I wasnt expecting a bunch of disagrees for that comment on this site, but seriously people. Just in Japan Sony has an advantage of 7-8mill consoles, Nintendo has an even bigger advantage over MS.

And its not like they didnt try to do something over there is Japan, its just not going to happen for MS, and that is a disadvantage

ado9082013d ago

Okay... But you can say the exact same for the ps3 and the U.S. so it balances out

--Onilink--2013d ago


Well not really, the PS3/PS2/PS1 were all very successful in the US and they actually have higher sales in the US than in Japan.

In Japan its more of a cultural thing, they simply prefer Japan made products. In the US or other countries for that matter that is not really an issue

CEOSteveBallmer2013d ago

So if we are going to follow your logic that sony and nintendo fares well in japan because it is its homeland, Then same can be said for Microsoft in the U.S. and still nintendo and sony managed to get a very big fanbase there. Bottomline is "All of them are on equal footing". but still sony and nintendo won because microsoft cant get a very big fanbase in japan.

oldassgamer2013d ago

"...they have an extra territory (a very successful one also) that Microsoft will never have no matter what they do..."

I agree that Sony and Nintendo have an advantage in the Japanese market, but you can't say that it's an extra territory when MS has access to the same market.

MS has full access to the Japanese market, but has failed to deliver a product that is appealing to the Japanese buyer.

ado9082013d ago

Griever took the words right out of my mouth so yes what he says

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loulou2013d ago

going from one generation where you sell 20m a year to a generation where you sell 12 - 13m a year can hardly be considered a victory!

then take its competitor. which went from a generation where it sold 5 - 6m a year, to 10 - 11m a year..

now tell me which company is the most pleased?

also, who honestly thought that the ps3 wouldn't destroy the xbox 360 is less than 2yrs,

NastyLeftHook02013d ago


what you said was so true.

anyways its about the games and i know who has them in spades. my little japanese sony ps3.

TheTwelve2013d ago

Don't forget Sony getting hit by a nuclear earthquake and the Anonymous hacking that took a month overcome.


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josephayal2013d ago

PS3 won my heart right after 360 did

Knight_Crawler2013d ago

My heart belongs to Jesus...and bacon :)

PR_FROM_OHIO2013d ago

PS3 has had my heart since day 1!!!! Just like the PS4 will lol

_QQ_2013d ago

Consoles don't win my heart, only Games can do that.

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