Gamers Spend Less Money on Video Games Than They Did 5 Years Ago

New research from a money saving website in the UK has revealed that gamers are spending less money now on video games than they did five years ago.

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JsonHenry2007d ago

It is true for me. Thank you Steam sales!!!!

kwyjibo2007d ago

Humble Bundle too, and all sorts of other crazy sales.

Last game I bought, just a few weeks ago, was Spec Ops: The Line and Darksiders 2, both for PC, on sale at GameFly as a bundle for £2.66.

You can't even buy a pint for that.

Skate-AK2007d ago

Spec Ope: The Line was very underrated IMO. Got it for PS Plus and got the Platinum for it.

Psn8002007d ago

I think it has to do with no new innovation in games today and developers are to afraid to try anything else that is why there are to many clones and sequals like Cod 1 to 100 there all the same and the economic situation around the world is not getting better unfortunately .

avengers19782007d ago

Not me I'm still buying plenty of games maybe even more... With psn games and major retail releases I am probably buying more than I did 5 years ago.
That could be in part to making more money and being in a pretty good place financially to spend the money on luxury items.

DwightOwen2007d ago

$60 isn't too much, it's just that most releases aren't worth that amount without including all the withheld content (aka DLC) that is later used to gouge gamers.

Moncole2007d ago

I hate when people complain 60$ is a lot for a game when in other countries its more expensive.

MidnytRain2007d ago

So what? It's still a good amount of money.

CptFalcon2007d ago

Here in the Netherlands a game costs €60,- like in most other European Countries. €60,- however is way more expensive as $60,- is. In Euros an average american would pay €45,-
In dollars the average european would pay $78,- for a game.

No equality here.
The prices of old games on games on demand on xbox are sick too.
Pure thievery that is.

Tyre2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

It has nothing to do with Steam, it's because of the economy and it's the end of a console cycle. PC retail games have always been cheaper than console games so leave Steam/PC out of the equation. Besides PC Gamers pirate most games so they have nothing significant to add to the total equation of AAA sales anyway. Used games on PC? Nowhere near used games sales on consoles. Disagree all you want PC fans, the truth hurts doesn't it. LOL

kwyjibo2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Used games on PC? Nowhere near used games sales on consoles.

There are no used games on PC. It's why PC games are cheaper.

I mean, if you'd preordered Bioshock Infinite on Steam or GreenManGaming, you got 3 AAA games for free - one of them being XCOM. How awesome was that?

It's OK though Tyre, you'll be able to upgrade to a PC soon too - only you'll call it "next generation", and have to pay for online.

Tyre2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Oh funny you say that...but this article is about the used games sales & gamers avoiding launch purchase, blind nerd. oh and about Used games on PC? There are used games, but the retail price is so low for PC that there isn't even too much of a difference between retail & steam price, let alone the need to wait to buy it when it has been used. Again steam sales do not affect this story THEY HAVE NOTHING SIGNIFICANT to contribute to the equation in this article's story.It is about consoles sales for the most part and gamers avoiding to buy at launch and go for used games instead after launch. LEAVE STEAM OUT OF THE EQUATION.

kwyjibo2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

avoiding to buy at launch = waiting for a sale

And let's not avoid showing how flawed the survey is, when you don't have the option of "games are cheaper now/free to play exists".

CptFalcon2007d ago

Somebody has stepped on Tyres nerdy dick.
Seriously how can you worry about this so much, stupid fanboyism.
I am a console gamer. I have a 360.
But i hate the whole game culture because everyone is whining about which system is better blablabla.

PC is definetly king of the hill. End of story.
PC games are obviously cheaper. The only reason I don't game on my PC is because upgrading is rather expensive. If i had the money then i would definetly go to PC.

How is that, a console gamer that adores PC?

2007d ago
MilkMan2007d ago


I wonder why?
Established game company's are going bankrupt, excellent games are not selling and industry insiders are retiring ring and doing a wait and see approach. Cause they aren't sure where ball is landing.

When games like God of war Ascension and Gears of War Judgment sales are waning, its time to reexamine the biz.

Larry L2007d ago

You go ahead and blame all the things you or anyone else wants. I know the real reason, at least in America is our d-bag socialist president whose policies have either gotten people laid off as in my case, or had their hours cut to no more than 30 per week because businesses cant afford to give employees over 30 hours thanks to obamacare which dictates any employee over 30 hrs a week has to get health insurance provided.

With how mu h it costs just to live and eat today, 30 hours a week worth of pay is just not enough to spend anything on luxuries like $60 video games.

I've had to skip all the games I've wanted this year so far. No GoW, no Injuztice, I may not even be able to get TLOU. I had to scrounge just to renew my Plus subscription, and thank the Gaming Gods for that small favor.

refocusedman2007d ago

I dont buy 60 dollar games. I just wait for the games to go down in price. 60 is way too much to spend on videogames.

mydyingparadiselost2007d ago

Employers can afford it, they just don't want to spend the money to do it.

N4g_null2007d ago

Lol socialist president. Dude you lost and I made more money this last few years than any other. Please go and get a job.

The market has changed I guess Obama controls Europe too? Do you believe they are socialist too?

Anyway AAA is starting to suck and it's been five years of the industry lieing to us many franchises went down the drain. There was a huge smear campaign by lots of the gaming media that basically trickled down to the gamers.

Basically we lost a lot gamers this gen because of all the BS. Adults ruin lots of things it seems. I mean you can't even tackle QBs any more.

Oh and if you need a job go sign up for any thing dealing with oil. Oh and find some one else to blame ok you sounds so so silly.

DwightOwen2007d ago

No kidding. I've never heard of a franchise having THREE prequels (God of War). We're tired of the same old shit.

Minato-Namikaze2007d ago

then buy ni no kuni, tearaway, puppeteer, beyond, last of us, among others

deadfrag2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

No! Its time to build new quality IPs because people are oversaturated of the same sequels that dont bring nothing new to the table.I have seen that and done that why the hell should i spend my hard earning 69.99€ on that again.The milky way my be for you but its not for me i like new and fresh things.

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