Hi-Def DVD Sales Plunge; Format War, PS3 Blamed

The market for HD-DVD and Blu-ray Disk is smaller than initially forecast, according to a statement from movie studio Warner Brothers

Warner Brothers confirmed that it was slashing its expectations for high-definition DVD sales for this year on drastically lower sales for HD-DVD and Blu-ray Disc players.

The studio had forecast that Blu-ray Disc and HD-DVD, two rival next-gen DVD formats, would sell a combined 4.5 to 6.0 million players by the end of 2006. Now the company only expects 1.5 million hi-def players to be sold this year. As a result, Warner Brothers is slashing its DVD sales forecast from $250 to 400 million to just $150 million.

Watapata6256d ago

Hi-Def DVD sales haven't plunged because they never took off...

PS360WII6256d ago

I mean they probably won't buy that stuff yet either. Plus like it was said many times before the Hi-Def era is still the minority at 5% or so. I don't get the PS3 blame part of the title, but if you must. I know I'm going to buy some hd-dvd's and blue-rays but not until after mid-point november.

LiquifiedArt6256d ago

HD-DVD never left the ground. And anyone who knowns anything, can easily assume with the presence Sony's PS3 will bring Blu-Ray will win the "What they call a war..." hands down. Not a war just a win/win for Sony.

drewdrakes6256d ago

And blu-ray doesnt even deserve it. I checked it out at my local Best Buy, the unit was doing horribly. There was a tonne of artifacting, and throughout what i saw, there were constantly random blocks of pink showing up at the center of the screen.

P.S. I havent seen HD DVD yet, i hope its not like that, and if so, neither of them deserve it.

Arkham6256d ago

It's too early to judge, on either format. Early hardware, lack of mindshare, no "bulk" PS3 user base. We're really going to see things take off in the Spring.

Watapata6256d ago

NEITHER has left the ground yet, and neither will for a fair while, regardless of unit market penetration. As far as picture quality, the first wave of Blu-Ray movies were noticably worse in terms of quality when compared with HD-DVD, but apparently (judging from the picture quality of click) the new movies on the 50 GB discs are/will be at least equal in terms of picture quality.

Arkham6256d ago (Edited 6256d ago )

It's not specifically because they're on 50GB discs, it's due to the encoding. Also, judging one or the other based on viewing them in a Best Buy (or similar retailer) is pointless. Those are not optimal (and often are disimilar) configurations.

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USMChardcharger6256d ago

What do these people not get? hardly anyone has HD-TV's.

The TV's are the anwser. Not the players.

How are they going to sell any kind of HD Player and HD-DVD when we can't afford an HD-TV? (whew! that was a lot of HD in one sentence)

how about working on getting these tv's to the every day people. lower the prices please. Then we will buy your fancy movies and players.

Daewoodrow6256d ago

It's probably better this way. Let them wait a year or so until they feel confident enough to try again, that way they don't think they can push us onto the next format every three years and reap the profits every time the format gets cheap enough for the working class consumer.