THQ Gets Xbox 360 Rights to Tetris

THQ has obtained the rights to publish an Xbox 360 version of Tetris in North America and other regions. THQ hasn't a published a Tetris title since 2003, but it looks like things are about to change. Tetris for the Xbox 360 has already debuted in Japan, but finally Xbox 360 owners in other regions will finally be able to get their hands on Tetris sometime in the future.

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ScorpioKyle6197d ago

hopefully they'll release this on live arcade then.

RealDoubleJ6197d ago

otherwise a proper game for $50-60 is gonna smack of TetrisWorld on the N64 all over again

Droidbro6197d ago

There is no way I'd pay even 30-40 dollars for a hard copy version of a game that is 20 years old and still basically the same...

GamerX26197d ago

But Super Puzzle Fighter II would be better!!!