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RIP: Skyrim is dead

Paul Verhoeven: I've yet to see anyone punching the air and cheering over the transition of the Elder Scrolls series from yawning, epic, operatic single player experience to what will, in all likelihood, be another WOW clone.

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i didnt like it.
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Community2061d ago
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thirtyandnerdy2061d ago

Now if they'd only confirm Fallout 4... =)

strigoi8142061d ago

Thank heavens..its such a pain in the ass for bethesda making this game less buggy

Jek_Porkins2061d ago

Skyrim has been dead to me for a while now, I beat Dawnguard when it first came out, and beat Dragonborn when it first came out, I've already got every Achievement you can get on the game, think it took me a year and a half of playing a couple of hours here or there to do.

I'm always looking to the next big game though, so hopefully it's announced at E3?

GrownUpGamer2061d ago

Skyrim dead?

Wait let me check…


The reason why i play Oblivion and Skyrim on PC.

Root2061d ago

See this is why I hope next gen opens it's doors to PC mods. We could get so much replay value out of our games and with help from mods shape games into the things we wanted from developers like if a certain feature is missing or if a character model looks ugly for example

SJPFTW2061d ago

You are not going to get mods on consoles. Since it requires modders/gamers to have free access to the game files on the hard-drive. To make things more complicated most games are not even fully installed on the console hard-drive and most of the data is on the discs, and discs are read only and you can't edit them

Root2061d ago

Well Bethesda said before Skyrim they were looking into it but it never happened. If they were looking into it I think it's possible some way

spartanlemur2061d ago

Yeah, that's actually the reason I shifted to PC gaming several years ago from console, but it just isn't the same as DLC.
With DLC you know you're getting canon material whereas mods aren't so.

sway_z2061d ago

Skyrim is only dead to those who have completed it or have no desire to re-play.

For those who have yet to sample Skyrim for whatever reason, then surely (like any game) the game lives on?

Even in 5 years, Skyrim would be worth another visit. That's if you can suffer the aged visuals it will have in 5 years from now.

There is easily 100 hrs of gameplay in Skyrim (DLC inc) for those that wish to visit.

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The story is too old to be commented.