Comparing the Zelda 3DS Overworld to A Link to the Past: A Bit Too Close for Comfort

GenGAME writes: "Both Reggie (during Nintendo Direct) and Mr. Aonuma (on Miiverse) have said that the game features the same world as A Link to the Past, but with “a new story and new dungeons and puzzles.” However, neither of them has even remotely suggested that the overworld has changed significantly from the SNES game."

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legendoflex2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

It's too bad that I really like the concept, but really don't like how Nintendo keeps insisting "same world, new dungeons/puzzles and story." Do we REALLY want to experience the same world? I think not. Maybe we want to see Hyrule in a different way - but that doesn't mean we want Hyrule to be more or less remade pixel-for-pixel.

Erimgard2007d ago

Well, I guess it depends on how much of the map is identical. Hopefully the map is much bigger.

legendoflex2007d ago

I'm HOPING the game substitutes new areas for the Dark World parts of LttP. I'd be fine with the first few dungeons in the old world, as long as there's something new to explore later on.

But with the NSMB track record, I'm not believing anything until I see it.

3-4-52007d ago

We will probably get to see whole new parts of the world never seen before.

Kennytaur2007d ago

It's like they couldn't decide whether to make a new game or a remake.

And it looks like CDI Link and Wind Waker Link had a baby.

kirbyu2007d ago

Why's this so shocking? They said it would be this way.

legendoflex2007d ago

Just because Super Mario Bros. 3 took place in the Mushroom World doesn't mean its world was a copy of Super Mario Bros. 1.

kirbyu2007d ago

No, Nintendo said this game would have the same overworld as LttP.

BullyMangler2007d ago

man oh mann i cant wait to see more of this . . looking like the games camera will zoom into 3rd person for the cutscenes

MontyQ2007d ago

recycle reuse make a game fast ect ect

DivineAssault 2007d ago

i prefer the sprites but this will due if the game is good.. I loved link to the past.. Just hope it feels new

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