Soul Sacrifice really is the best thing to happen to the Vita | Digitally Downloaded

Digitally Downloaded writes: "The online works nicely too, and this is perhaps the first Vita game that will end up with a community large enough to sustain it. Atmosphere, challenge, layered combat and a mission structure perfectly suited for the portable form factor... as far as I'm concerned this is the Monster Hunter killer."

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI2035d ago

It's also one of the few things to happen to the Vita at all. LOL

Sorry I'll stop trashing the vita, I just really wish it got more support, can't justify buying one for one or two games.

Muffins12232035d ago ShowReplies(1)
phantomexe2035d ago

It's why he has one bubble. He worships sony ever night in his underwear. I see it now O MIGHTY SONY GOD come and....... Jokeing aside i like to see more games on the vita and wiiu. There really great systems and worth developers attention.

Veneno2035d ago

Wtf? How does muffins get censored but the troll vashlion doesn't?

Mounce2034d ago

Your comment being an exaggeration durp-comment for negativity is predicted....

but combined with the face in your avatar, it makes probably most things seem funny. That guy can make the funniest god damn faces...

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Salooh2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

1180 MB / 1229 MB :D`

I choosed to download a demo over virtue last reward full game. I hope it's worth it xD

Salooh2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

8/10 to me as a vita game. The gameplay is good. The story telling is great but the way they talk is really weird and the story can be much much better if it's an open world and have complicated story and secret stuff in that open world. Here is hope for a sequel with that kind of features..

I will try to buy the game. I kind of liked it. But not really impressed. But i will play it for what it is :).

Note : I thought this game had multiplayer or something like that o.o .

HammadTheBeast2035d ago

Yeah, multi player is the best part.

matrixman922035d ago

not a fan of the book, kill enemies, read book, kill enemies, read get it. Seems really bland so far

Riderz13372035d ago

I bet you like shooters...Shoot enemies, reload, shoot enemies, reload, shoot enemies, reload. Seems bland doesn't it.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2035d ago

I think you argued why he probably doesn't like shooters either.

matrixman922035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

so because I dont like generic stuff, means I like generic stuff. Love your stupid argument though


my psn is reconassassin92...look at my profile, even msg me if u want. While I wait, I will be playing an actual good game like persona 4 golden

Riderz13372035d ago

And I love your stupid description of the game. I bet you don't even have a Vita and are just making shit up.

matrixman922035d ago

my psn is reconassassin92...look at my profile, even msg me if u want. While I wait, I will be playing an actual good game like persona 4 golden

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G20WLY2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

Hello genius! So Persona is great?

Read some dialogue, kill enemies, read some dialogue, kill enemies, read some dialogue, DATE!, read some dialogue, kill enemies, etc...

Anyone can trivialise a great game, see? GTA? Drive to mission, shoot some enemies, repeat - it must be rubbish, huh?! NOPE! Tetris? Rotate the block, push left or right, repeat - must be terrible, IT'LL NEVER SELL, I TELLS YA?! lol

I liked it a lot and will be part of the online community. Nobody's saying it's perfect, but it is very good indeed :)

Mounce2034d ago

You also sound like you're a bandwagon-whore....

Do and get things only because others say so and you must do it or else you feel rejected.

Soul Sacrifice, generic? Lol.

Dragon's Dogma and Monster Hunter collectively aren't generic......yet.

DarkHeroZX2034d ago

I checked your pan and there is some generic stuff on there.

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Omar912035d ago

I've seen some gameplay, watched some trailers, and still cant get excited for this game. It doesnt look interesting for some reason imo. Downloading the demo to see for myself.

I really hope I like it though because my vita needs some love. Last game I bought was thieves in time.

Salooh2035d ago

Same thing happening to me >.< .

DivineAssault 2035d ago

Im excited for it.. Looks really fun & gruesome.. I just hope its not a hollow experience & theres plenty to do besides questing

HarryMasonHerpderp2034d ago

Having a blast on multiplayer, played it all day yesterday and it's only the demo!

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