Game & Wario - Video Preview

GameXplain : "We explore 5 of Game & Wario's 16 games in our video preview of this wacky Wii U title!"

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WeAreLegion2062d ago

I wanted something more Wario Ware...

TruthbeTold2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

I'm glad they make these games for the people who like them, but this isn't at all what I want during such a drought. Personally, I detest thevery idea of Wario. They did this to us last time during the Wii drought with Warioland shake it. Not a bad game, but not at all what I want during times of slim pickings, and not a character I enjoy.

iplay1up22062d ago

I am playing Lego City, Monster Hunter, Need for Speed,Bops 2 right now. I have Played Runner 2, NBA 2K13, Trine 2. All good choices on Wii U, unless you hate all of them. There are more out there like Nano Assault, Sonic All Stars, The Cave, that look worth trying. These are just my opinions, and I do know what you mean though. I think this game looks like it might be fun though, at least to me.

TruthbeTold2061d ago

I have Nintendo Land, ZombiU, NSMBU, Nano Assault, and NFSMWU. I like them all except Nintendo land isn't very fun to me still going to try Mario Chase in a group though.

The thing about those games is that none of them have that, 'I want to keep coming back to it!' quality. None of them. I think that's a major problem for this console right now. None of the games are compelling, so only 'core' gamers who don't mind supporting Nintendo early like me are buying.