Analyst predicts 11 million next-gen consoles sold by 2014

Over 11 million next-generation consoles will have been sold by the end of 2014, according to EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich.

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GalacticEmpire2099d ago

Easily achieveable, well not easily but it's a realistic figure.

UnholyLight2099d ago

Agreed. Not an unreasonable prediction seeing as how there's soo much pent up demand for the PS4 and new Xbox

LOGICWINS2099d ago

Outside of dedicated gaming sites, no one I know is clamoring for next-gen consoles. We'll see what happens, but I think people here are overestimating the popularity of these consoles.

They'll sell out at launch of course due to the limited supply, but I don't see the PS4/720 selling that much by 2014 unless they are heavily subsidized.

Rainstorm812099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

@ logic

I personally know at least 5 or 6 people waiting to preorder and everytime I go into GameStop people are asking about PS4 and by association X720... And this is my small circle......if the prices are reasonable and the software is decent..the hype could carry 11 mil between Sony and MS.

Besides it says by the END of 2014

On a side note are they including the Wii-U?

Army_of_Darkness2099d ago

It's just a matter of which next gen console sells the most within the first year that makes things interesting since they are both gonna be released practically back to back.

dcbronco2099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

Logic I think no one is clamoring because there wasn't the announce a year or two in advance thing this time. It's same year announcements with little press after. I think there will be over 15 million Xboxes and PS4s sold. Not only to gamers but also because of the different ways they will be sold. Also because these consoles won't be over $400 and $300 wouldn't surprise me.

SoapShoes2099d ago

@Logic - If the PS3 still sells near that much on a yearly basis at the price it is at now, I don't see it being so far fetched that the PS4 won't.

LOGICWINS2098d ago

^^It'll really depend on how much these consoles cost. I just personally don't know anyone who's excited to buy it. I do however have one friend who will get it close to launch, but he's not really a gamer, he just always likes to have the newest consoles just to say that he has them lol.

jetlian2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

both 360/ps3 sold 5.5 million in the first year.So he predicts 720/ps4 will do the same. No wii u isnt included

Also 360 was announced the same year it came out

Edit: they have 14-15 months to sell 11 million between the two. Doesn't seem like much

UnholyLight2098d ago


The last year especially, people were very disappointed when there was not even a hint of next gen at E3 last year. People have been waiting for new consoles for a while. I know this to be true at least in Canada, there's a lot of people that want them and most people I know were early adopters of either PS3 or Xbox 360.

The immense amount of people signed up for first info of PS4 orders at Gamestop in USA is over 900k, I assume Canada will have lots as well.

Everyone is talking about PS4 on the internet and it was trending for a while on Twitter when they had their show in February.

I think it seems fairly obvious people are more than ready. Not trying to take a stab at you, but it seems more like you're not ready!!!! When the new consoles come out it will have been 8 years for Xbox and 7 for Playstation. THATS WAY TOO LONG.

LOGICWINS2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

"The immense amount of people signed up for first info of PS4 orders at Gamestop in USA is over 900k"

900,000 people out of 315 million Americans is "immense" to you? Lets not forget that signing up for information doesn't mean your going to actually BUY a console at launch, it just means that your interested. Many unforeseen circumstances can occur between now and this fall.

"Everyone is talking about PS4 on the internet"

Where/Who is this "everyone" that you speak of? I haven't seen them personally.

"I think it seems fairly obvious people are more than ready. Not trying to take a stab at you, but it seems more like you're not ready!!!!"

I've been ready since I heard 8GB of RAM, its just that no one I know personally shares my excitement.

nukeitall2098d ago


"Outside of dedicated gaming sites, no one I know is clamoring for next-gen consoles. We'll see what happens, but I think people here are overestimating the popularity of these consoles."

I kind of agree with you that outside of the niche core gamers, people don't even think about this.

That said, I think MS approach of widening their audience might help as well as the fact that historically the numbers have been right around there for the first year.

So it is definitely reachable especially if the next generation comes in at a lower price point. Low price might be hard to believe though with 8GB GDDR5 and Kinect 2....

aCasualGamer2098d ago

I don't know.. it depends on how much the consoles will cost(unknown factor) and how they revolutionize gameplay(somewhat unknown factor).

It's not an everyday thing to just buy a new console, so the game developers really need to bring out their pencils and show their creative side. I'm a graphics whore and love the comfortability of consoles, so i'm getting a PS4 for Driveclub and GT6 (and hopefully Kara PS4 and God of war PS4). But that's just me, i don't know how many other people out there are like me.

UnholyLight2098d ago


Yeah I know my argument is pretty flawed. Some missing information - it was 900k people that signed up for preorder info within the first week of the announcement. I have no idea what that number is now but I would think it must be pretty high!

Anyway it's just how I see it, it's created a lot of buzz amongst all of my friends, even guys who aren't huge gamers are saying "Holy hell the PS4 looks amazing I must get one". I've talked to a lot of strangers on Xbox Live who even said they would be buying PS4. I dunno I guess that's all pretty subjective since I can't prove that to you haha!

Yeah I totally agree that price will be a factor though. Pricing is going to be really interesting seeing as how people are so willing to spend more money than an Xbox or Playstation for say an iPad, but not the former...But I guess a large chunk of iPad owners are likely not gamers soo..hahha

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MysticStrummer2099d ago

Depends almost entirely on the price.

famoussasjohn2098d ago

Analysts are just there to talk out of their butts. Best job ever to project your own numbers and not be called out on it, you can always say you have an inside source or something to base your claims.

ijust2good2099d ago

Well that's better than what Gaming PC will sell...After all PC in general is in decline but PC gaming rigs will be hit hard coming next gen.

FlameHawk2099d ago

I really doubt it, there are still great games being released and once the PS4 comes out then the PS3 will most likely get a price drop which will only lower the sales.

BitbyDeath2099d ago

Sounds pretty low if they're talking all 3 consoles.

kreate2098d ago

which means

1. analysts are looking at a further decline in the gaming industry


2. analysts are suspecting the ps3/360 to continue to sell well that will eat into the next gen sales

hollabox2099d ago

That sounds about right if the price is under $299 or less.

Rainstorm812099d ago

Ps4 or x720 won't be the same price as the Wii-U

hollabox2098d ago

What's up with the disagrees? Fanboyism? Probably, any who there were documents out there supporting $299 for the next Xbox, PS4 unknown but probably in the $399 ball park range. In terms of selling 11 million I really don't see that being a problem if the price is right. Even the Wii U will sell 11 million units by the end of 2014.

I will probably buy both systems this fall and skip the Wii U unless Nintendo has something really impressive instore for E3. The link regarding $299 rumor is listed below. If this is true Nintendo will probably need to drop the Wii U price by $100 to remain competitive.

Theyellowflash302098d ago

Seems pointless to buy the PS4 and Xbox 720. If MS and Sony both charge for online play you're going to be out of a ton of money.

Not to mention there both going to house the same shooters. You don't need both systems to play shooters. There be like 15 released in the first 2 months of the system.

madjedi2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

@yellowflash "Seems pointless to buy the PS4 and Xbox 720." Funny i feel the exact same way when i look at the wii u. Not a thing that looks appealing even at $250 on amazon.

"Not to mention there both going to house the same shooters. You don't need both systems to play shooters. There be like 15 released in the first 2 months of the system."

Really 15 shooters, so far killzone cod, battlefield and destiny are the only known shooters. Leave it to a nintendo fanboy to make bullshit claim like that up.

Look up knack or infamous, not every game coming out is a fucking fps, ms exclusives are still unknown atm.

Hell at least sony and ms fans have a rough idea of when the games will be out, which is more than wii u fans can say.

Your making alot of assumptions despite e3 still hasn't passed yet.

Hollabox is getting disagrees because it is stupid as hell to expect a $299 price point on either system.

Especially since the leaks we have access to have indicated both sony and ms aren't pulling a nintendo.

Ie using alot of slow or outdated hardware and tossing a expensive and unimpressive novelty controller that jacks the cost up.

Both sony and ms should try for either a $400-450 range, you start hitting $500 and it gets steep for some.

1OddWorld2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

I will at least explain why I disagreed with your post.

You say "if the price is under $299 or less". People will buy next gen consoles in droves at a price of $500.

I also hate getting disagrees without an explanation.

hollabox2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )


15 shooters or not I still have an decent selection of racing games, RPG games, sports games, action &adventures and probably a ton of new IP developers won't publish on the Wii U. So yeah I'll take that over milked franchises and games I wouldn't buy on my sell phone.

Even if both systems cost $500 I can afford both on the same pay check. With that said I still have not purchased a Wii U yet, there's nothing Nintendo has announced or leaked I'm interested in playing.
Only thing Nintendo has going for it right now is its legacy. I mean there are only like 15 plat formers and side scrolling games you can play on the Wii U, why upgrade from the Wii or even Gamecube for that matter (joke if you don't get it)?

$299 might seem abit far stretched but just going off what the leaked documents said since no official information has been provided regarded Xbox Next. In Sony corner they seem to be correcting their mistakes with the PS3 by making it easier to develop for, and giving the developers the specs (Ram) they need to develop next gen titles.

With that said I don't think Sony will launch a system at $500 after seeing what happened with the PS3. Even if both systems launches at $400 or more both MS and Sony are well known for reducing hardware cost to lower retail cost in the first two years.

M-M2099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

Very possible, I honestly think it will sell a little more than that though by 2014. People have been eager to get their hands on a new next gen console for some time.

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