Gaming Fathers Unite! has a new personality. Brian "Brize" Johnson aka… Gamer Dad!

It seems that Microsoft is taking yet another step to target an audience to subliminally persuade them to buy a 360. Now with that low blow out of the way; I would also like to say that no matter what console these parents end up buying, Gamer Dad over at looks very promising and should end up a top recommendation for dads (and moms) subjected to our gaming society.

Brize (Xbox Live Gamertag) will write articals about Playing Together, Family Settings, Game Time, Game School (Consoles 101 for parents-which is a great idea) and maybe even some Game Reviews. The Xbox Staff has wisely chosen a new memeber who is no stranger to writing, as Johnson co-wrote Xbox 360 for Dummies. Instead of telling you what you should do, Brian plans to be objective and enlightning while sharing his experiences in his writings.

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