How the Nintendo 3DS Saved Nintendo From Disappearing From the Gaming World

So how exactly did the 3DS save Nintendo from destruction? Two simple words, online transactions. Now i know that may sound simplistic, however Nintendo has never been fond of the internet. "Online sales are booming" according to Reggie Fils.

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josephayal2010d ago

I don't think 3DS is enough to save Nintendo

Pillsbury12010d ago

They have plenty of cash Nintendo and my childhood is not going anywhere.

SilentNegotiator2010d ago

From what? One single bad generation on its own never killed a video game mega-corporation.

dedicatedtogamers2010d ago

This article is so misguided. It was the Wii and DS that kept Nintendo in the gaming world. The 3DS and WiiU have squandered much of the profit made during the Wii/DS years. I'm not saying 3DS or WiiU are failures, but the 3DS is certainly not "saving them from destruction".

elhebbo162010d ago

We havent even seen the new wiiu exclusives.

cleft52010d ago

Thank goodness for the 3ds, because that Wii was such a monumental failure. No one brought a Wii at all, no sir. Man alive, so glad for the 3ds. It's not like Nintendo could just sell a console based off of Mario games alone. No sir, so glad for that 3ds.

Apex132009d ago

Stupid title.

No matter what you write Nintendo have too much cash for days so they will quit when they are ready not when internet bloggers say so.

It's Nintendo's IP's that keep them a float. What happened to the vita whooping it? graphics and raw power are not substitutes for good games with substance and game play. Nintendo Quality Seal of Approval b1tchs lol