Six Things We Want For The Wii U At E3

With Nintendo’s new console failing to set the gaming world alight, Gabe Carey suggests six things that the company needs to unveil for the Wii U at June’s E3 expo.

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NastyLeftHook02062d ago

wii u needs a new zelda, come on nintendo, blow our minds

Commandar_Shepard2062d ago

The new Zelda won't be out until 2015 at the earliest. If we're lucky we'll see concept art or something. Six things I'm hoping for:

1) A new 3D Mario that isn't another Galaxy sequel, releasing Holiday 2013
2) A new first person Metroid by Retro, releasing in 2013/2014
3) Mind blowing Smash Bros footage, maybe a trailer depicting the characters. Some in game screenshots will be nice.
4) Mario Kart U for Holiday 2013
5) Another mind blowing third party exclusive like Bayonetta 2
6) An ambassador program for Wii U, with N64 and GCN games as well as the NES and SNES ones

lilbroRx2062d ago

I want "one thing" from the Wii U. Good games. /end list

AJBACK2FRAG2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

I thought Zelda hd in 2014? Mmorpg? Mario Kart U and Super Smash Bros. (the real one!) U are supposed to be playable.

GuruStarr782062d ago

agreed..... and Nintendo, don't wait til the console is at the end of it's life, like you guys did with the last two major console releases.....

Achievement system and trophys.... WE NEED THIS:

Give me a reason to buy 3rd party games on your system... I'd rather play them on my 360 or PS3, where I have better replay value on my games with the trophy systems!

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HyperBear2062d ago

1. Games (1st-party)
2. More Games (3rd-party, if any)
3. Even More Games (Surprise Us!)
4. Re-brand/Name Change
5. Slash Price On All Models by $50
6. More Focus On Nintendo Network and Online Gaming

kirbyu2062d ago

A re-brand/Name Change

Are you kidding?

HyperBear2062d ago

Well it may or may not be too late for that one, but you honestly think Wii U is the perfect name for Nintendo's "next-gen" console?

I wouldn't mind seeing them re-brand/re-name it if they could and have a new marketing campaign behind it....but that's probably the last thing Nintendo would do if nothing else they have planned works.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2062d ago

1) Many of Nintendo's Franchises will have dramatic changes or new twists.

-Smash Brothers is supposed to get a Serious Formula Change.
-The Next 3D Mario probably won't be Galaxy but something that takes advantage of the WiiU GPad.
-The Art Style or Blurb of the next Zelda is enough to set the Internet ablaze.
-More Bayonetta 2

2) What the heck is RETRO working on?

3) Nintendo said that they are working with many 3rd Parties to bring Exclusive Content. Who and What?

4) Other than this I they need an entertaining Show presentation.

5) New IP's would be great. I think that they need an Exclusive Mature HD FPS and an exclusive Open World Title.

-This won't be done by Nintendo Directly but they have funded "Mature" titles in the past from "Golden Eye"/"Perfect Dark" to "Eternal Darkness" to the original "Conker Quest".

6) This may be to soon but it would be great if they have 2K Sports come up on stage announcing WiiU support.

7) If they got a GTA Port, hopefully Lego City made them think.

kirbyu2062d ago

Yeah. That's what I'm afraid of.

Blastoise2062d ago

You have to use Super's to get your kills now


n4f2062d ago

dont be afraid becuase the one on the wiiu is suppose to change but the one on 3ds is suppose to be traditional

AJBACK2FRAG2062d ago

I incorrectly conjectured that Retro studios is working on a new Eternal Darkness because Nintendo owns part of Silicone Knights. Dumb but at least I'm not hurting anyone.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2062d ago

Why is it dumb to guess about something you don't know? Have you been on this site?
Plus, You could be right.

Your last line was kind of weird.
Do you think something I said was trolling you?

I assure you, I got nothing going on in my life
I don't have enough time to waste my time, trolling people on N4G.

PM me if you have a problem. Just head-off the Underground Troll Gangs that like to start crap against certain console defenders or "INDUSTRY DEFENDERS" (check my history for context).

Blastoise2062d ago

A new IP. I agree with that one especially

Theyellowflash302062d ago

The Last Story, Xenoblade, Dillons Rolling Western, HarmoKnight all new IPs by Nintendo....

Blastoise2062d ago

I don't care for any of those games. And two of those you listed aren't even supposed to be particularly good.

Also, what's your point?

Theyellowflash302062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

So since you don't care for those new IPs, Nintendo needs to announce more?

What if they announced more at E3, and you don't like those ones as well?

And Dillons Rolling Western is not bad. Its ok. But HarmoKnight is really good.

Blastoise2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

"So since you don't care for those new IPs, Nintendo needs to announce more?"

Pretty much. They don't NEED to. I just want them too. Am I not allowed to want more new IP's?

iplay1up22061d ago

There are new IPS for Nintendo, but what I would like to see it Eternal Darkness. It may not be a brand new IP, but it is one of the best horror games I have ever played and most people have not even played it. So for allot of people it would be like a new IP and trust me if you are like the many people who have not played it, pick it up on Ebay. The characters move a little clunky for today's standards but the game is still great even today.

josephayal2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

Here is what I want

1.Gears of Wars Trilogy
2.Better online
3.Fast Downloads
4.Kingdom Hearts 3 Exclusive
5.Final Fantasy 13 (all)

gamer422062d ago

the gears of war trilogy on wiiu seems a tad oh i don't know... delusional maybe?

M-M2062d ago

Kingdom Hearts 3 exclusive on the Wii U? -___-"

AWBrawler2062d ago

That can actually happen. Square enix and Nintendo have a good relationship. Plus with all the recent KH games being on Nintendo handhelds and sony and MS going M rated Hardcore over board, Nintendo seems like the perfect demographic for KH3

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