Microsoft “Xbox team” testing smartwatch, claims to be in “prototype phase”

Alex Co of Pixel Enemy writes
"It’s been alleged before that Microsoft wanted to release a “Joule” heart rate monitor for use with the Xbox 360, but for unknown reasons, Microsoft scrapped this idea and has since moved on to its smartwatch concept."

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Snookies122063d ago

I picture something James Bond-esque, and I'm cool with that lol.

ainsz2063d ago

I want something more like leela's, off of Futurama.

hazelamy2063d ago

or Captain Jack, the Torchwood one, not the pirate.
that one could let you travel through time. ^_^

from the beach2063d ago

This is so you can be always on time


Eldyraen2063d ago

You need some parantheses--"always on" time. I got what you meant though ;)

KaBaW2062d ago

Just to give you a heads up.. those " " are called quotations.
Parentheses are the ( ) signs. Just bein a helpful hand. :D

Eldyraen2062d ago

@Kabaw: Thanks, been awhile since had to actually think about one or the other and stupid mistake ;) Even more so when I think about it as whole reason its called a "quote".

FunAndGun2063d ago

....with your Gold payment.

just a joke peoples.

HammadTheBeast2063d ago

Funny bubbles for both lol.

WickedLester2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

I wish MS would focus on developing great in-house exclusive core games rather than working on watches, VR glasses, Illumiroom, and other such nonsense.

AngelicIceDiamond2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

They are. I don't know what your complaining about.

WickedLester2063d ago

Oh perhaps the lack of core titles from MS over the last few years, that's all!

Knight_Crawler2063d ago

You but when MS smart watch sells millions and Sony brings out a similar watch for the PS4 then you fanboys will start screaming that Sony did first and MS copied -_-

hazelamy2063d ago

why turn this into some fanboy thing?

if you're looking for fanboys, i suggest you start your search at the nearest mirror.

maniacmayhem2063d ago

I guess you haven't heard that they are working on titles plus maybe these features to enhance your gaming experience.

But glass half empty I guess.

JBSleek2063d ago

LOL You act like Microsoft only business is the console market. get out of here.

hellvaguy2063d ago


Amazing how you haven't included in your troll how you ms is wasting time and resources making windows for pc's. I mean it's fine that sony can make TV's, headphones, the vita, etc. Guess you can wait for your next troll to include to that one on the list.

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Mecca42063d ago

Apple wanna b, that's why the cable box hasn't been announced yet,

biRdy2063d ago

The more the better if this is true, then we will have 3 options for smart watches, that is if they are actually worth buying.

southernbanana2063d ago

Why would they want to be like Apple? Microsofts products have been better the past couple of years even though they are less popular....

HammadTheBeast2063d ago

But Window's phones suck. I hate Iphone's, but they're much better than ugly tiles and the Metro look,

southernbanana2063d ago

@hammand I doubt you have used a Windows Phone. The only thing better about the ipad is it's popularity.

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