Yoshi’s Island 3DS – first screenshots

Take a look at the first screenshots from Yoshi's Island 3DS.

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kirbyu2036d ago

This game looks absolutely fantastic!

SmashBrawler1012036d ago

How the FUCK did this comment get three disagrees in less than an hour? I guess it's settled. 'Gamers' today only care about graphics.

General Shrooms2036d ago

This looks worse than the original.

hduce2036d ago

No. It got disagrees because it's a Nintendo game on a Nintendo console. Beware.... The trolls are coming!!

ScubaSteve12036d ago

i hope this game is in its early stages, cause when they showed it the graphics of yoshi/mario didnt look good

animegamingnerd2036d ago

i honestly thought it was the super nintendo yoshi's island when they showed it

MaxXAttaxX2036d ago

That's because the resolution on the 3DS is only 240p.

XB1_PS42036d ago

I would hope so, except the graphics can only be so good when the screen is 400 x 240.

rCrysis2036d ago

Sometimes I really just want a switch back to their 2D sprites style back during SNES. Super Mario World and SMW2: Yoshi's Island were and still are 2 of my favorite games.

3-4-52036d ago

Really sharp 2D sprites are still nice to look at.

kirbyu2036d ago

2D sprites on the SNES and DS. Why does no one care about Yoshi's Island DS? I either read somewhere this was being called a sequel to the SNES game.

Jagsrock2036d ago

screenshots don't really do 3ds games justice.

Kennytaur2036d ago

The screenshots look like crap, but they are 2D. So you need to keep in mind that on the 3DS it will be rendered on two screens for the 3D effect, essentially doubling the resolution.

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