Metro: Last Light PC specs Revealed

Deep Silver has released the required PC specifications for their upcoming title, Metro: Last Light, which releases next month. Check out the required specs, below. You can also take to to test your gpu to see if your pc will be able to run the game.

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Eldyraen2012d ago

I was wondering what specs were going to be and other than optimum I'm set (serious gfx card reccomendation for optimum). However if sli profile is good I should be fine (which is not a given lately, for launch anyways).

xPhearR3dx2012d ago

I'm wondering if I really OC my SLI 660 TI's if I'll get close to optimum performance. I'm sure it will, I just probably won't get a solid 60FPS. Time will tell.

adorie2012d ago

I'm above optimum except for the graphics card... Damn it. 2 gbs of vram though, hopefully that will
amount to something from falling short.

Twin Frozr GTX 560 TI OC 2gb GDDR5. :T

ATi_Elite2012d ago

Im running on Ultra

Core i7 2600K and HD7970 CFX and 3 120hz 3D monitors!

COre i5 2500K and GTX660Ti SLI is on my 1600p monitor!

excited for Metro 2033 and it's awesome SP.

NaAsAr2012d ago

hopefully, they will throw in the option for vsync this time around. :(

FrostyZipper2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

I have everything BUT the goddamned graphics card sorted.

Plagasx2012d ago

Looks like it's time for another 680...

Upstate89872012d ago

makes me wish my laptop's graphics card was upgradable.

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The story is too old to be commented.