Nintendo Direct: A Round-Up

TheSixthAxis goes over everything announced in today's Nintendo Direct presentation, from the A Link to the Past successor to a handheld Mario Party.

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Jagsrock2107d ago

The 3ds just keeps getting better and better.

3-4-52107d ago

ALttP 2 Special Edition 3DS XL please !

Nodoze2107d ago

3DS is well on it's way, now Nintendo PLEASE focus on the WiiU and FAST.

3-4-52107d ago

They are...all these Nintendo Direct surprises are on the way for the Wii U as well.

These are coming 2 years into the 3DS cycle though, which means you need to give it another year until 2014, then you'll start getting really excited about all the Wii U has to offer.

That is my guess at takes time to dev games and the good ones usually start being released around year 2-3

HalfNerdHalfAmazing2107d ago

I got to get me a 3ds the new Zelda look very interesting

GuyManDude2107d ago

So the biggest news of the day is a port of an SNES game and a sequel to an SNES game? And Pikmin 3 isn't coming out until AUGUST? August isn't "launch window" Nintendo. Smh.

Jagsrock2107d ago

not just a sequel, a sequel to one of the best snes games every made and that "port" you mention has been demanded for quite some time now and is also on of the most beloved snes games of all time. Not to mention a new Yoshi's island and Mario & luigi dream team looks amazing. Plus Mario MArio golf is gonna have real time online play. That's pretty good news if you ask me.

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