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Donnieboi2099d ago

Sweet! Does that mean it will it be available for the Wii 1 too (not just Wii U)?

mrbojingles2099d ago

They didn't say, I doubt it even thought that would be great.

nrvalleytime2099d ago

Awesome, awesome news. One of my favorite RPGs, and a game that really showcases how to tell a great story.

MNGamer-N2099d ago

Never played it. Should I get it? I do like me some RPG.

Neonridr2099d ago

an amazing RPG. Not as deep or as complicated as say a Final Fantasy. But still a beloved game, that never got the sequel it deserved. Cannot wait to pick this game up. Off TV play support will be a welcome treat.

catch2099d ago

My favorite game of all time. I still own the cartridge and strategy guide from when it was released but will absolutely be picking it up on the virtual console.

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