New Super Luigi U details announced

Nintendo has just announced details for New Super Luigi U on Wii U.

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Neonridr2012d ago

lol, to you maybe. The New Super Mario Brothers games sell ridiculous amounts of copies. The Wii version sold over 30 million copies. I can't wait to get this DLC.

iNFAMOUZ12011d ago

let me guess 2d zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

abzdine2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

i'm kinda tired of the 2D marios it has been the same since Gameboy. Now it's Luigi's turn to do exactly the same....meh!

If they want people to buy a Wii U it's certainly not with games like this. I respect people who like but i feel no excitment when i see this it's the same over and over.

And what do they use that gamepad for other than a second screen with exactly the same things happening!?

dark-hollow2011d ago

are we now complaining about FREE DLC!!?

abzdine2011d ago

you know i dont jump on any free DLC just because it's free.
I take a DLC only if it's something i'm interested in. This is maybe good for Mario U owners but if you got my point you'd see that i'm talking in general about Wii U which is not attractive to a big % of gamers.
Free DLC fine, but i'm certainly not investing in a Wii U for this.

Summons752011d ago

You do realize that the NSMB series was created BECAUSE people wanted to play Mario as a 2d side scroller again, right? It's how Many people grew up with playing and they now want their kids to enjoy that style play. Sure it may not be for everyone but NSMB is still fun and challenging. I normally play the game on the wii controller and let my 2 year old (who still has yet to grasp the concept of a controller) loves to use the wiiu pad and make boxes for me. She gets thrilled every time she makes a box.

I'm not a huge fan of luigi but free dlc is still free an ill download it.

Chrono2011d ago

Oh, Yay, Another Luigi Game.

Venox20082011d ago

this is a DLC, u know? :) btw dlc as big as retail game

Kinger89382011d ago

New super mario bros was originally really cool and a nice tribute to the old school games but now i cant see the point in them, release a new ip

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