Confirmed: Haze Never Coming Out on Xbox 360

Via Ripten's Patrick Steen:

"News coming straight in from Live in Wembley stadium is final confirmation that Haze will eternally be a Playstation 3 exclusive."

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sonarus4849d ago

i got to say i didnt see that coming...remains skeptical.
I thought this would be out on 360 at the end of the yr latest

decapitator4849d ago

Nostra, you know anything about the new killzone 2 trailer or that's bs ?

HighDefinition4849d ago

Why people get mad about delays is beyond me. Delays are always better for the actual gameplay/graphics/sound.

Appreciate Haze when it comes out, cause now when it comes out it`ll be done.

sonarus4849d ago (Edited 4849d ago )

haze would have been better out last yr when ps3 was lacking games. I am STILL not 100% sold on this game but if i hear good things i will buy. Glad to know its exclusive though as i know a couple of 360 owners who have had their eye on this more that i have and i own a ps3. Maybe this and mgs will whet their appetites a little more till they can't resist the ps3.

Even though the game isn't necessarily a WOW kinda game i wonder if they ran into difficulties trying to port to 360 that's why they have been sketchy on the release. Sony hasn't really been promoting this game so not sure they paid for it. If they did they must not care about the money they paid because i would expect more marketing for a ps3 exclusive. Maybe they were struggling with the port and finally gave up lol

shysun4849d ago

I thought it would go to 360 to.I own a PS3 but didn't think for a second it was exclusive. That's a pretty good game in the PS3 exclusive line up.

resistance1004849d ago

'Nostra, you know anything about the new killzone 2 trailer or that's bs ?'

There is no new Trailer, this was just rumor. =/

JsonHenry4848d ago

What is that noise? Silence. Because no one cares!!

ikiru33854848d ago

^^ JsonHenry

obviously you cared enough to hit the reply link and post a comment.

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mintaro4849d ago

well there you have it

MURKERR4849d ago

now it seems sony can afford to concentrate on what they do,gaming and giving us a incredible gaming experience

wonder how many more exclusives they are going to snag,this war is just heating up

sonarus4849d ago

lol sony didn't make this game so what does blu ray winning have to do with anything

BSigel814849d ago

I think he was hinting at the fact that Bluray has won, it would be an ideal choice for the developers to go with the PS3, because the install base is increasing dramatically. Not saying that the Xbox 360 doesn't have a huge install base but, with the momentum Sony is having right now it could certainly be a reality to surpass the Xbox 360 and move closer to the Wii. That was what I think he was trying to get to.

MURKERR4849d ago (Edited 4849d ago )

if your going to reply to a comment READ the comment first before you set your fingers to work,friendly advice

sony were concentrating on bluray and let a few exclusives slip,now bluray is in the bag its one less thing to concentrate on, so now they can concentrate on getting their game library up with exclusives,just like i said in my earlier comment sonarus its not very hard to understand


sonarus4849d ago

lol chill dude. I know what you meant. I too am a sony fan. Most of my favourite games of all time are made by sony or sony exclusive.

I knew what you meant but i simply didn't feel sony deserved any praise on that particular comment so i wanted you to rephrase. Haze doesn't look like it takes advantage of blu ray and i am not so sure sony paid for it considering the exclusivity has been in question for a long time. Plus sony doesn't really talk about the game. I would expect a lot more from sony if they paid

4849d ago
jiinn4849d ago


Whoever wants to target 9M instead of 18M or 22M... then yeah, they'll get all the exclusives.

*rolls eyes*

mistertwoturbo4849d ago


You see, sometimes it's not even just about sales numbers. In a interview with Dave Doak, one of the main guys of Free Radical. A question was brought up on why did they choose to go with the PS3 as the lead platform (at the time) and he simply replied "The little guys need help too"

So you see, the PS3 at the time was the underdog. And yes, the PS3 only has approx a 10 million userbase, and the 360 has a userbase of about 18 million (not 22 million, don't just pull that number out of nowhere). But the industry is seeing Sony's momemtum fast.

Before, people would say Sony will never beat the 360. It did it in Europe, and easily in japan. Then pepole said Sony will never beat the 360 in N/A. Then so far, they've done it for two months and conveniently Microsoft spews out PR talk about shortages.

The industry is realizing, that the 120 million PS2 userbase still have not converted to the 360. Once playstation branded games like MGS4, GT5, and Final Fantasy is released. Place your bet that the PS2 owners will definitely buy a PS3 just for those specific games. It's already happening.

Look at GT5p in Europe, it already got 1 million pre-orders. For a game that 360 owners like to call a "Demo". Well it's certainly going to be the best selling "Demo" ever. And nobody really needs to worry about the full GT5 sales numbers, it's going to sell like hot cakes anyway.

So you see Jinn, not everybody is short sighted like microsoft in the industry. Some companies, like to plan for things in the future and not blow they're shot in one load.

robbo9184849d ago

I think he/she was using Wii for the 22 million and the X360 at the 18 million mark. The sad part is Jiinn can't realize that 9 was passed by PS3 a while back but he/she stopped counting it appears. PS3 is close to 11 million now actually.

tfur4848d ago (Edited 4848d ago )

Actual global sales estimates. Numbers are in millions of SOLD consoles, NOT shipped. Ending Feb 2008.

Wii ~ 21.5
360 ~ 16.3
PS3 ~ 10.1

robbo9184848d ago

What is your source for that information Tfur? Do you have a link? I am not being a jerk, seriously curious what source you use.

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Mc1874849d ago

It's about time someone said it.

Z F1GHT3RS4849d ago

ok ps3 fans, u got this one. it was a shame xbox didnt have this i must say. it is a shame for us xbox owners. there is no point saying no like some and denie it like some on this site. but i must say it was the same about the gta4 and the dlc. some were saying(kaz and sniper cough cough) that they were getting it aswell saying it was not exclusive to xbox. but wen it was announced that it is exclusive they all started saying that it wasnt needed, i hope no one does it on here.

shame but have fun playing it people who own a ps3. make sure u write a review.
hope it is good gaming.

Infolite89074849d ago

I can Imagine all the 360 fanboys saying: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOO!" As they weep in tears knowing the fact that another game is not to be on the 360. They're playing their mass effect and and their cod4 games (which I hear is officially better on the PS3). Later on in the future they see Haze being release on the PS3 as an exclusive and they are reaching to buy a PS3 but they still don't want to jump out and play beyond. lol But they'll say: "We have better games!" lol

BLUR1114849d ago

whats haze?? oh a shooter for ps3 ohh ok cool you ps3 fanboys need something.

CyberSentinel4848d ago

As if we needed another wannabe halo/gears of war FPS on the XBOX 360!

The PreinStallion 3 can keep it.

tidus0074848d ago

That DEFECTIVE LOW POWERED GARBAGE BOX 3 FIX ME has 0 games for this year

HAZE is just too much for DEFECTIVE BOX 3 FIX ME which can handle cartoon games like GAYLO 3 but only at 640P

what a shame????????

Mr Playboy4848d ago

Another lair on the way


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resistance1004849d ago

I've been playing it for hours, check out my impressions of when its posted later this evening

hazeblaze4849d ago

Been playing Haze? I was extremely excited for this game before but my excitement has began to wane with all the delay. I fear that they have already shared all their surprises with us regarding the story & the gameplay... had they kept some of those secrets closer to the vest, the game would have been extremely exciting that first play through. It still looks like a very decent shooter at the very least though, so I'll still purchase it in May... hopefully there's still some surprising moments in there for me!

sonarus4849d ago

yea i will check them out.

Storm234849d ago

Just give us a quick thumbs up or thumbs down right now...please!?