Immersion in video games: A digital philosopher

MWEB GameZone takes a look at video games as a platform for mass critical thinking.

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WelshPixie2009d ago

There's so much potential to invoke critical thinking points in videogaming; I wish more developers would do it.

HanCilliers2009d ago

I agree, more are doing it, especially since last yr

DesVader2009d ago

Yes, we are the guinea pigs :)

Choc_Salties2009d ago

Its usually great when one can explore moral options in a fantastic setting, how a what-if scenario plays out. Big problem is the varieties of dialogue that have to be planned out for this type of game especially if voice acting is to be included.

Games like old Planescape:Torment were great at this, because the nature of delivering the bulk of your conversation as text, made it easier to write for and is a lot smaller to deliver. Now include examples like Star Wars: The Old Republic, and it turns into a big mission to include all that, not the least, the sheer production costs.

Immersion suffers as a result especially with younger audiences that almost expect it all to be delivered thus.

Go back to reading kids, so that us older fogies can actually get good dialogue back into games, rather than having to rely on Kickstarter initiatives all the time for the games we REALLY want to play!