Are Achievements and Trophies changing the way we play games?

VB - We must collect every treasure, find every Playboy magazine, and unlock every lock-box. Why do we do this?

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Minato-Namikaze2009d ago

No, at least not me. Trophies/achievements have always been in games, whether they we're called skill points, or if the game had a checklist of things you had to do. Only difference is now they can be displayed online. I've never personally bought a game just to get a easy platinum. Gaming needs to become more social to overcome the stereo type that people have about us (not that i like "social games" I.E. browser games.

JeromeNtheHouse2009d ago

Well said Minato-Namikaze.

For the most part, games have always had some sort of achievement system. I mean back in the day, it was "beat the game in a certain manner or time, and unlock this or that," etc etc.

I like the achievement/trophy system. I think visually knowing that you (and other people online) can see your accomplishments gives you more satisfaction. Especially those hard ass achievements.