$34.99 - Xbox LIVE 13 Month Card

Grab 13 months of pure online joy for only $34.99 over at ($49.99 list). Just use the Google Checkout option to save $10...

Even if your membership is not due for a while, you can still purchase the card now, and stack the time to your Xbox LIVE account. It will just add 13 months to the existing time left on your account.

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JPomper5894d ago

It's $40 with shipping and handeling.

Out of curiousity, how much is another 12 months when ordering through XBOX Live?

frostbite065894d ago

$50. Mine just renewed october 1st. Damn

STICKzophrenic5894d ago

I got a GREAT deal on EBay though. My subscription, including S&H was $34.48.

RabidMongoose5893d ago

My total came out to 43.55 with shipping. So it saves me a total of $6.44. That's not a good enough deal for me to renew several months early. but if I had to do it soon anyway, good deal.