Soul Sacrifice demo now available on EU PSN (1.2GB)

The Soul Sacrifce demo is now available on the EU PSN, and weighs in at 1.2GB. If you want it right now, without waiting for PSN store to update, go to the PC PSN site, search Soul Sacrifice, "buy" the free demo, then go to your Vita and choose it from the Download list.

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HarryMasonHerpderp2011d ago

You can get it on the Vita store right now.
You don't need to do any of this.

psp2roundup2011d ago

I submitted the story hours ago, when it wasn't up on the Vita store.

HarryMasonHerpderp2011d ago

Haha Yes I guessed that.
That's the problem with the approval process.

r212011d ago

Quite jelly of the EU folks. Come on Sony, sort out the store update on the US store. My vita is readily waiting for SS!

Majin-vegeta2011d ago

I know I've been up all night just waiting for Dragon Fantasy book but nothing.

Salooh2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

It's not in UK store. Isn\t UK with Europe o.O

Edit: I forgot that i'm using US store xD..

Hanso2011d ago

Let me tell you something..
I hate MH games just tried Soul Sacrifice Demo and i want the full game.. NOW !

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The story is too old to be commented.