Tuesday’s Playstation Store publish update was delayed due to extended PSN maintenance

The Playstation Store update that was scheduled for Tuesday was delayed as a result of extended Playstation Network maintenance. This means that all new content that was set to release on PSN on Tuesday was pushed back until the matter can be fixed. At this time, there is no timeframe given for when Playstation 3 owners can expect to Playstation Store publish update to go live. Sony left gamers the following message late last night, "Today’s PS Store publish will be delayed due to ongoing PSN maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience - stay tuned for updates."

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Fullmetalevolust2011d ago

...and we are out of the woods now.

SynGamer2011d ago

I can only hope Sony is learning and prepping PSN (SEN) for the fall launch of the PS4. I can't see them wanting this to happen with their newest console in a few months.