Why Sony And Microsoft Have Already Lost The Next Generation of Gaming

With all the talk lately of Wii U’s failures many are turning their attention to next gen gaming from Sony and Microsoft. Sony showed off the PS4, which is scheduled to be released Holiday 2013. Microsoft has had rumors flying around constantly regarding their next gen console, Codename Durango. As much as people have talked both consoles up, the truth has also become a little clear. Sony and Microsoft have already lost this next generation in gaming.

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dedicatedtogamers2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Saying "Don't count the WiiU out because everyone counted the Wii out and look what happened!" is a groundless argument.

First, prior to launch, hardly anyone counted the WiiU out. According to Nintendo, the console was packed with eager 3rd-party devs waiting to put their games on it. The holiday sales were incredibly strong (likely because no one wanted to be left out if the system was sold out for 18 months straight like the Wii was).

The "WiiU is doomed" forecasting only began en masse within the last three months. Why? What has happened in the last three months? Nothing. Literally, nothing. Nothing has been going on with the WiiU. Nintendo has been either a) silent, or b) begging us to "be patient" like they always do. The WiiU's sales are dismally low with no next-gen consoles competing with it, and it is launching in a worse global climate compared to 2006 when the Wii launched. The Wii launched prior to the tablet boom, while the WiiU is two years late. Additionally, the WiiU's "revolutionary" tablet actually works against it. Since the tablet is inferior to a lot of tablets already on the market (and it will only grow more inferior as time goes on), people don't think "Wow! A Wii with a high-tech tablet! I want!". Instead, they think "Ugh, a Wii with an outdated tablet that has fewer functions than my Kindle HD"

showtimefolks2014d ago

wii was once in a lifetime kind of a sensation, don't expect that with wii-u. for nintendo to even compete this gen they need 3rd party and guess what just like always 3rd party publishers are not interested

and wii-u isn't even next gen, its stuck between last gen and this gen. the R&D that went into the gamepad should have gone towards making the actual specs of the system.

i think its a 2 horse race between sony and ms.

also take notes MS this is what you get when you target casuals and they move on to mobile gaming.

say whatever you will but sony has proved that targeting the core mainly could be really successful

nintendo was counting on the casuals from wii to move onto wii-u and that didn't happen because most don't even know wii-u is the successor to wii they just think its a ad on

snipermk02014d ago

what a shoddy piece of writing. A high-school diploma should be a prerequisite before posting an article like this, which is responsible for the genocide of a million brain cells.

Gaming1012014d ago

Wow, some people just don't get it. Nintendo is not competing with Sont and Msoft. They finally did something smart - instead of fighting Sony over the same pie, they created their own pie, a whole new untapped market of gamers, and they created the fastest selling console in videogame history.

Msoft is fighting Sony for the same pie, because that's what American companies do, they steal from other company's rather than innovating and creating a new untapped market like Nintendo and Apple are always doing. Nintendo doesn't have to steal a single hardcore gamer away from Sony or Msoft to be successful, they just have to sell their new console to anyone who bought a Wii, and they'll duplicate the license to print money that was the original Wii.

Whether Nintendo can duplicate their success remains to be seen, however it isn't going well so far, at least not as well as Nintendo hoped, so they're going to need to do something to pull hardcore gamers into the Wii U with superb software. I don't think anyone is banking on Nintendo stealing away the hardcore fringe from Sony and Msoft, as the Wii U hardly puts out games that can compete with the cream of the crop from the PS3 and 360, much less what is coming down the pipeline for next gen. Whatever you do, don't buy Nintendo stock! It's going to plummet!

showtimefolks2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )


do you think its so easy to sell wii-u to those who bought wii? those are casuals they moved on to other casual gaming. that's where nintendo is back tracking last gen they were all about casuals now they all about core but they are actually just stuck in the middle

oh yeh Nintendo has been targeting some other audience that's why they are targeting the same core fanbase. serious some of you nintendo fans are so delusional its not even funny

the sensation that was wii can't be match again, and the only reason wii sold was because of Gimmick. Now people can buy actual ipad than a system with low res gamepad

where is the 3rd party support? these are all the games not coming too wiiu this year, nintendo systems are good for one thing and that's nintendo 1st-2nd party games and that's not my opinion that's a proven FACT

as long as nintendo fans keep thinking nothing is wrong with wii-u than its your loss.

bioshock came out for wiiu?
tomb raider came out for wiiu?
GTA 5 coming to wiiu?
Defiance on wiiu?
dead island riptide?
Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen?
metro last night?
remember me?
grid 2?
saints row 4?
dead pool?
south park stick of truth?
rainbow six patriots?
killer is dead?
lost planet 3?
castlevania lords of shadow 2?

_-EDMIX-_2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

@Showtime- I just got to agree with the man.

Though I really hate Kinect, I got to hand it to MS, they unlike Nintendo devoted a whole lot of teams to making JUST casual games. The IP's MS has made on Kinect 1 will make people want Kinect 2.0.

What IP did Nintendo make to make anyone want them in the causal respect besides that gimmick that is Wii Sports? By letting 3rd parties make Nintendo's REAL motion ips, they pretty much put there future in 3rd party hands. ie games like Zach and Wiki, No More Hero's, Resident Evil light gun games, Red Steel, EA Fit etc. Now what happens when Sony goes back to Motion and MS starts doing motion?

Well it just means those third parties will just port those games and they did for most of them, even that crappy Dead Space game got a port. By Nintendo not making there own unqie new ips JUST for the Wii's controls, they pretty much just "let em in" and it was just as easy to "get out" when those ips where on other systems.

What reason do I have to own a Wii U when the most unique games taht where causal and used motion didn't even come from Nintendo? Don't even give me that crap like Mario Kart, Galaxy, Smash Bros or Animal Crossing needed those controls, hell those controls where tacked on JUST as bad as Sony's Sixaxis controls.

Those people are now moving towards Ipad games, Kinect etc. Again, though I hate Kinect and have zero plans to own a 720 (unless some really beast Mech games comes out or something LOL) I still think MS has done a pretty damn good job with the casual market. Making those IP's will have those Kinect owners not looking forward to ANY ONE ELSE other then what MS is doing. What to give a hoot about the next EA Fit? Don't need a wii for that, its on every system. Thats where Nintendo went wrong. The Wii U is already on a path to fail next gen.

Where are those Wii owners now? Probably out playing Facebook games or Ipad games etc. Yes Nintendo turned them into gamers...too bad they couldn't keep them on Nintendo systems with exclusive ips.

"When I buy a console, I want a reason to buy it" Last I remember, 3rd parties are leaving Wii U behind just like they did the Wii. Unless "less" games is one of those reasons, I suggest you look to own more then just a single console next gen.

If Wii U isn't even getting current gen games, what makes you think aoyone is going to even waste the damn time to even make crap on Wii U? So they won't konw but will later? LOL!

Did wii get Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed, RE5/6, Battlefield etc? So.....with a system selling LESS then Wii...its somehow going to get those games? Too funny. This is Wii vs Current gen systems all over again.

Wii vs PS3/360/PC IS Wii U vs PS4/720/PC. Last time I remember....Wii didn't fair out too well with that outcome.

showtimefolks2014d ago


look man i agree MS has screwed itself over by going all kinect but guess what one thing that MS has that nintendo is struggling with is xblive.

IMO as a gamer for 24 years nintendo and sony are the only ones who actually support core gaming in general while MS has done the same 3-4 IP's over and over again(i hope that changes next gen)

last time it was wii motion,wii resort,wii sports but this time there isn't such a thing, but if you mean to tell me Nintendo has done right than you and others are out of your mind. There is a reason Vita outsold the wii-u in japan few months back

yes we know 1st party games are coming but most of those won't be here this year so nintendo is hoping people will buy the wii-u to play games in future when they can buy a ps3 and xbox 360 and have a huge Library of games day one

this is how sony and MS will finsih off wii-u and remeber when this happens in near future:

1.release newer systems with much better specs and a lot of 3rd party supprt

2.drop the price of their systems to $149-or even $99 than its over with. Nintendo has had a open season on so called next gen but haven't done much damage

IMO nintendo is no longer a big player in home console, their systems will sell but won't be able to compete with ps or xbox brand

i am out of bubbles, i guess we all have our opinions, my only thought is this

nintendo learned nothing from sony or ms when launching their system, no software support, a bad online offering compare to psn and xblive

i meant did they not see or kjeep track or last gen and learn from the mistakes both sony and ms made to make a great system?

good night

MikeMyers2013d ago

Well we are already seeing people on N4G write off 2 of the 3 systems and I expect most of the backlash to this article will be centered around one of them. It's probably the same people who said the same thing last/current generation.

Mykky2013d ago

To speculate about who will win the console war is utterly ridiculous right now.

Why would casuals buy a console that has no games they want? Wii U has yet to release the next Mario Kart, Main Mario, Zelda, Metroid, countless other Mario titles, X and a more just exclusive to Nintendo. I'm sure things will look drastically different in 1-2 years time.

I think though is that Sony will be dominating the hardcore market for a long time. Still I'm sure Nintendo will sell the most consoles just based on the wide variety their games appeals to.

lex-10202013d ago

@gaming 101

Apple is an American Company.

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1upgamer992014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

LOL, sorry dude, go back to past positive Wii U articles on N4G and MOST counted Wii U out 8 months ago. They said that "the Wii U was not even as powerful as PS360. Even when the launch was better than other current gen sales figures the articles spelled doom from week one. Look at em for yourself. I was on here defending Wii U.

Also you are wrong about the Wii U having a "High-Tech Tablet" It is not a tablet...its a GAMEPAD.

Mr_Writer852014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

I also don't get how the PS4 is just an upgrade but the WiiU isn't?

I mean so it has a gamepad so what? Off TV play, yeah that would be cool but the PSP and Vita say hi, and it can't be done with all games so its not like it even improves on that.

Plus look at games made this gen, no other games have been like Uncharted, Little Big Planet, Heavy Rain, Journey, Gears of War etc.

The stuff inside the PS4 will allow them to create new experiences, rather then just a tacked on gimmick with a gamepad.

I mean they are already trying to use the gamepad to cash in on the Skylander craze with a Pokemon version, how does that change a thing.

Also Nintendo fanboy still think everyone who bought the Wii will buy the WiiU when its clearly not the case.

specialagent45322014d ago

Well last I checked the gamepad work in conjunction with the console. Meaning the gamepad purpose was to play the games and maneuver the system menu. The wii u gamepad renders the circuit board useless. With the gamepad the gamer is able to play games, buy games, use tv services like Netflix or Amazon instant video, buy games send messages to wii u buddies, use the mii plaza, etc etc no tv an with console hook on it required. Is not that a tablet chained to a console

delboy2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Everyone who bought the Wii for Mario, Zelda Mario Kart will buy the WiiU.
They all waiting for the games to be released.
WiiU will be more than OK after the big N games are released, end of story.
Mario Kart on Wii sold over 30 millions, let's see how many of them will buy the WiiU for the next installment.
I don't think that the soccer mom's who bought the Wii for Wii Fit also bought Mario Kart or Mario Galaxy.

Eyeco2013d ago

Look at how Mario Kart was marketed, I remember in the UK they barely showed any gameplay, It was just a family sitting on a couch, getting overly exited, it appealed mainly to casuals.

The question is are those casuals gonna buy a Wii-U ?

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oof462014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

@gaming101: Nintendo created their own market. True. They created a user base that bought a Wii, Wii Fit and maybe a Mario game or two...and that's it. While console sales are important, there's an even more important stat: attach rate.

SheenuTheLegend2014d ago

Why He Already lost the thinking of "How To write a Article"

Jaqen_Hghar2013d ago

Anyone who was around for WiiU announcement and hype train and is now paying attention to PS4's hype can see that people are infinitely more excited for PS4 than WiiU. A man plans on getting WiiU once it's $200 and has a good list of local MP games like Mario Kart and SSB along with his platforming masterpieces like Mario 3d and a new Zelda (gamepad could be used well here), but PS4 he will get at launch and get all the cross gen games on it for the improved framerate and draw distances and such. A man is planning on $500 so he can only be pleasantly surprised.

avengers19782013d ago

Both Xbox and playstation will out sell wii u. Even if they all sell less then last gen. Nintendo and there just wait crap is stupid. When most of your 3rd party support is ports of ps360 games that the wii couldn't handle, then you really don't have 3rd party support. And when Xbox and playstation come out with there new systems devs are going to be utilizing that tech and wii u will be left out just like wii was. The casual market is gone or moved on, it's the core gamers that all 3 companies must focus on to be successful.

UnHoly_One2013d ago

"prior to launch, hardly anyone counted the WiiU out"

Myself and almost every gamer I know counted the Wii U out as soon as they announced it.

Right off they bat they lost me by announcing a console that was seven years behind the curve in terms of power, with a giant controller designed to take your eyes off the $1,000 HDTV you should be looking at while playing.

Everything about the Wii U is a joke. I don't know how anyone is supposed to take the Wii U seriously when there are new consoles coming out in 6-8 months that are actually an upgrade over what we've been playing for the last 7 years.

nosferatuzodd2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

dedicatedtogamers said
Saying "Don't count the WiiU out because everyone counted the Wii out and look what happened!" is a groundless argument.

Don't worry about this guy dedicated
He's just trolling
To count out the 3 best companies in gaming history is not just crazy,
Its Ludicrous you can never count Sony are Nintendo or Microsoft out no way

Godz Kastro2013d ago

I do agree with you... But I still want to give it at least a full year under its belt and an E3 full of software as they have got their harware out.

I have it, well my nephew and I have it. I brought it for him but we share everything. I was excited for it and might have felt some of the "need to get it before sold out mentality". But We have had some good times on it but it hasnt been touched until late with Lego City.

Nintendo cant keep living the "dont count them out yet" lifestyle forever. With all the money they made on wii they couldve dumped into a monster system and online features. All of us craving for new tech and better graphics would've been all over it but they didn't they have a challenge ahead of them.

If I knew what I know now i "might" have not picked it up.

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aceitman2014d ago

What a joke the wii u is not the jump many gamers where looking for , while the ps4 and maybe the next Xbox will be. I say maybe on next Xbox cause we have not heard about it from ms. The ps4 seems to be getting a lot of hype right now looking to do what gamers want next gen , this will be like ps3 Xbox to wii all over again but the wii u will not have the strong casual audience it had with the wii.

rodiabloalmeida2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

"Why gaming journalism have already lost credibility for so much BS talking". Now thats a headline. I think I'll even submit an article with this title. Maybe it will get aproved.

buzzjman2014d ago

I think a more appropriate article title to write about is "BS people say to try to make themselves sound funny in comment sections."

DragonKnight2014d ago

An even better article would be "Butthurt authors responding like a child to criticism."

Blank2014d ago

How unprofessional of you. It matches the quality of your no name site you got debubbled for immature. Keep in mind this "article" is piss poor expect some flack with WTF on quality and NO on liking your website.

socks2013d ago

Go back to school to learn how to write, infant. My brain hurts.

joel_c172014d ago

One of the stupidest things ive read all day. Please stop approving this type of BS.

MuhammadJA2014d ago

And then when your article gets approved and you become well known, you'll become full of yourself and start writing like the other journalists.

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Max-Zorin2014d ago

The gamers that respect other gamers opinions and preferences already won the war. The people that do the opposite already lost.

Thatguy-3102014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

If that was the case it will be boring coming to these type of sites. I Come here to get entertained and see FIGHTS lol that being said though Nintendo is screwed and the more ppl deny it the harder it will smack them in the face when it comes true. Just want e3 to come to see what excuses they make after.