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"I wanted to like The Knife of Dunwall. I really did. But there simply wasn’t enough there for me to like. It’s like an insipid plain Ritz cracker. Quite edible, but crying out for more substance, like a nice slice of brie. Dishonored fans might be interested, if only for the additional lore and story elements, but gameplay was too short to be satisfying." - Logan Hollinger

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WolfLeBlack2012d ago

The tone of this review and the actual score awarded feel so utterly at odds with each other!

Still, the DLC seems to be much as I suspected in terms of it not really altering the core gameplay, except in a few small ways, which is a bit of a shame. With a new character introduced they had plenty of room to play. My guess is, though, that they chose to keep things similiar for ease of design, and also possibly to help link these characters to the Outsider.