Success for PlayStation® as Four Titles Win Prestigious Japan Game Awards

London UK – Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) Worldwide Studios has been credited with four awards at the Japan Game Awards 2006 hosted at Tokyo Game Show. The awards were given to three PLAYSTATION®3 titles – Heavenly Sword, Gran Turismo® HD and THE EYE OF JUDGMENT – and to the PlayStation®2 game, Shadow of the Colossus.

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Siesser6391d ago

Shadow of the Colossus is worthy of any award bestowed upon it, except maybe "Best Multiplayer"(that'll be for the sequel :P). Seriously though; happy to see its still getting the recognition it deserves. GREAT game.

Bill Gates6390d ago

I couldn't agree with you more. That was truely a great game. Best game of 2006 IMO.

Maddens Raiders6391d ago

Yeah, imagine how many days you could spend roaming the earth looking for Collossi on the PS3. Maybe a game like this where you can use the Collosi to help you fight other Collosi and invading armies? That would Kick A&&.

Siesser6391d ago

I would just love to have, like, a party of four online taking down a Colossus. Especially being able to talk. You'd have people yelling out strategies and manuevers. I guess it would be similar to Monster Hunter or something, but on a larger scale, and done right.

Bill Gates6390d ago

Please Sony Don't make a Shadow of The Colossus II. Did any of you guys play Ico?

unleash bass6390d ago

That blokes grown alot. The last time he was pictured he was no bigger than an Umpa Lumpa. He's been eating his Shreddies!

peksi6390d ago

A little off the topic but it's nice to see the original picture of the PS3 held by Ken K.

For some reason previous publishers (like the guekavara wannabe or whatever) had an edited picture with 200% zoomed PS3.

Maddens Raiders6390d ago (Edited 6390d ago )

team, responsible for GT-HD, received their pre-release award at this years TGS. Sony Hater or Not; In all of my years of gaming I've NEVER seen the attention to detail and realism put into a racing sim as the GT series. Since it's debut (which seems like a hundred years ago) other developers have often imitated but never quite duplicated the raw strength and beauty of Gran Turismo. I wish ALL developers would take Polyphony's approach to bringing an idea to public fruition. Kaz and his team literally eat, drink, breathe, and live Gran Turismo 24 hours a day, and it shows from the time you push the power button. I expect that GT will continue to greatly influence the hordes of car loving fanatics around the world and provide a car simulation experience second to none! Nurburgring in HD? Here I come! Viva The "Real Driving Simulator." Congrats Polyphony on a well deserved award.


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CrimsonWing6922h ago

I’d give it to 8, but whatevs.

mastershredder12h ago(Edited 12h ago)

Ew VO actors and their cringe core. Fiverr voice actors could out perform this chump.


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