PS4 Price Possibilities?

The folks over at Machinima have decided to breakdown on how much they consider the PS4 will cost.

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NewMonday2037d ago

PS4 won't be under 400$ without subsidies

ApolloTheBoss2037d ago

It's an awesome idea if you ask me. Subsidies could include at the very least 6 months of PS plus so casuals could get introduced to it and realize how awesome it is. The only problem is that it would take a year or two until anything good comes to plus. Unless they're putting old playstation classics on there at launch.

Jaqen_Hghar2037d ago

A man could see all the streaming available at launch which should have at least PS1 classics ready (since they don't require that much power).

FamilyGuy2037d ago

PS4 can't release with PS+, it has to build a game catalogue before it can start giving games away. If it were to do this it would only have minis rather than real PS4 titles and as such it would hold far less value. PS+ with PS4 games will probably show up 6 months or more down the line.

Scratch subsidies out as an option. Also, with the Share button being integrated into the actual controller and as part of the systems OS itself I highly doubt they'll charge you a subscription fee to use it.

Pricing is going to be in the range of $400. It's obvious and that's all there is to it. Any subscription based service they come up with will have something new that we haven't heard about yet.

FamilyGuy2037d ago

Oh, Gaikai is the only thing announced that might be in a subscription, that is, if they don't make it pay-per-use only.

Saigon2037d ago


Can you simply answer why it wouldn't. I ask because speculative rumors has suggested at least two price points from creditable articles. Very similar to what was suggested in the applied video. Are you referring to the higher price because of the initial cost of the PS3. Either way I think with the subscription based planning it would reduce the cost of the system dramatically and give more people a chance to purchase this system.

NewMonday2037d ago

because the PS4 components cost over 400$ without intangibles. and also if they launch with a price very low they don't have much room to cut price later.

if it is tied to subscriptions than it's possible. they could give it away for free in Japan with a 2 year contract for Sony's NURO.

Saigon2036d ago

Makes sense but because Sony is a manufacturing company they will receive components at a base price also. So what would cost us 600$ to make may only cost them 400$.

Jaqen_Hghar2037d ago

A man doesn't see how PS4 could cost $300 when PS3 is still $300 for a 500gb system.

Pro_TactX2037d ago


The PS3 has custom architecture, which makes it inherently more expensive to manufacture than the x86 architecture that the PS4 will contain. Even though the PS4 is newer, it could still have an equivalent price point.

Jaqen_Hghar2037d ago

A man guesses so, but it's also 7 years newer. A man supposes if they took a loss and PS3 really only cost under $200 to manufacture anymore they could sell it for $300, and a man would rejoice.

sprinterboy2037d ago

£350 Uk price imo, maybe £400 so I guess you guys in the US will get a $425, $450 price.

creized12037d ago

£399 and im buying it at launch

Monkeysmarts2037d ago

Subsidies are government financial aid and not the same thing as subscription based pricing options. Please stop using this word, people. That is all.

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