Injustice: Gods Among Us Review [PSLS]

PSLS: In Injustice, the combat is God. It’s the sole reason to pick up and play this game. Even better if you’re a DC fan, as you’re going to enjoy the story mode and the characters that much more. Injustice is still worth buying for any fighting game fan, as the meat of the gameplay and variety in modes are more than enough to keep you playing for a long while. The main problem I see with Injustice, is that it lacks enough differences from Mortal Kombat to truly feel like a unique game, and is instead most of what made the Mortal Kombat reboot shine, packed into a DC Universe wrapper. That’s not a terrible thing to be compared to, but there is a sense of “been there, done that” while playing Injustice I just couldn’t shake.

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alexcosborn2011d ago

Awesome review. Glad it's a solid fighter.

ftwrthtx2011d ago

Great review. The game does seem like Mortal Kombat with DC characters from what I've seen and heard. That's not a bad thing though.

dbjj120882011d ago

Fair review. Love story mode but this feels a little outside of the core-MK fighting mechanics.

Foolsjoker2011d ago

Isn't it a good thing it feels a bit different?

doctorstrange2011d ago

That's what I keep telling married women

knifefight2011d ago

There's no justice iiiiiiiin the worrrrrrld~

(And there never was)~