Farewell, Skyrim

Kotaku - Yesterday, with minimal pomp and circumstance, Bethesda announced that there will be no more official expansions for Skyrim. Just like that, the era of the Dovahkiin drew to a close.

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AngelicIceDiamond2037d ago

Fun but, overrated. Seeya, time for something new.

Main_Street_Saint2037d ago

Well at least PC gamers will see a bunch of mods I'm sure. So while official expansions are out, there is still a ton of things for this game.

vega2752037d ago

Which is the main reason I got it for pc over consoles.


at the risk of sounding like a total noob, Ive always wanted to get into skyrim but everything about it is just so confusing to me. anytime i fire up the game im constantly clueless as to where i am or what im supposed to be doing. i get the fact that its the way RPG's work, but id personally appreciate a little more hand holding in terms of objectives and storyline.

delboy2037d ago

Just play it, and you will get in to it, but you don't need to have a reason or a goal in this game.
It's fun just wandering around, exploring the beautiful world, you don't need to follow a quest.
Do some hunting,be adventurer, and when you find someone to talk to you might get a quest, and if you like it you can follow the quest or not.
You can even kill that person, you can kill half the population of Skyrim if you want to.
It's a Role playing game, so take a role you wish and play it that way.
But one day you'll find out the you are the Dragonborn, and that you have a greater destiny, and the adventure will begin.

Anomander2037d ago

It can be confusing, but at the same time there is nothing pressing that needs to be done. There is an overall main story line, but ultimately it is up to you on whether you want to complete it or just go and explore or just do side quests the entire time. It truly is open world and you can build and have your character do what you wish. For me it was hard not to leave a cave, tomb, or ruin left unexplored and it denizens alive ;)

dcbronco2037d ago

That is the thing. Just start walking around and let the game come to you. Just like in life you see an animal attack taking place and you pull your sword and help. People will then suggest things to do. Also talk to Inn Keepers. They have rumors to missions and work that can lead to missions. The storyline will find you.

RavageX2037d ago

More hand holding? I am sorry mate, but "imo" that is already out of hand with the series, and many other games.

If this one confuses you, I suggest you not play Morrowind. That one pretty much did throw you out into the world.

This game pretty much directs you everywhere, the only slightly hard bit is when you have to navigate around/through/on mountains. I've honestly had more trouble with the game simply not working right than anything else.

But in your shoes, I'd simply explore. See a cave/ruin? Go in it. Stroll to a few towns and talk to people, hell most of them won't leave you alone anyway.

I enjoy skipping the main quest for as long as possible.

Moving back to topic though, this is what I don't understand...a company goes through the trouble of making a huge open world game like this, and just quit when they could do so much. I see added quests, storylines with existing factions, MORE towns, another world-threatening event, more interfering by the daedric princes.....COME ON.

We still don't even have freakin' sea creatures. Look at how big the oceans are, you'd expect to see something more than fish....

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Dasteru2037d ago

Todd Howard = Peter Molyneux 2.0

So much for DLC feeling like expansions, Dragonborn was the only one that felt like an expansion, the others were all the little stuff that was suppose to come in between.

2037d ago
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