Bethesda: Used games 'absolutely' a concern

Used games are "absolutely" a concern for Elder Scrolls and Fallout developer Bethesda. Speaking with Destructoid, marketing vice president Pete Hines said his company has attempted to lessen the impact of second-hand sales by supporting games with downloadable content that encourages users to hold on to their discs, among other things.

"Absolutely it's a concern," Hines said. "We have tried to mitigate it by creating games that offer replayability, by supporting them with DLC that's worth hanging onto the game for, or offering tools that let them take things further."

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NastyLeftHook02063d ago

well broken games are absolutely a concern for me bethesda

Excalibur2063d ago

Broken, short, unsupported and $#1tty games get traded in and then Devs wonder why.

Here's a Kooky thought, make the most fantastic game with great support and tons of re-playablity and people will never part with your fabulous game.

Another thing Devs need to get through their thick skulls is a traded game was bought new at one point, you SOLD a copy be happy with that.

JeffGUNZ2063d ago

I agree with both of you, but that used game takes away from a new copy being sold. I support used games, gaming has gotten costlier and they really have not expanded the experience to justify the price hikes. Also, used games at a low price can get someone who had little initial interest of their game at $60 to become a fan of the studio or series by buying the game for 20 bucks in a bargain bin. I think it has it's ups and downs.

DragonKnight2063d ago

@JeffGUNZ: "but that used game takes away from a new copy being sold."

Not necessarily. It could be just as likely that no one wants the game anyway. In that scenario, a used game is no worse or better than copies just sitting in shelves. Besides, the games are sold to the retailers, not the consumers, and retailers typically place orders based on demand first, stock second.

Ducky2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

"Here's a Kooky thought, make the most fantastic game with great support and tons of re-playablity and people will never part with your fabulous game."

Isn't that exactly what Hines said? Or am I missing something?

360ICE2063d ago

Yeah, just like Burnout Paradise. Great, massive game that got plenty of free DLC as well as paid DLC.

Oh, yeah. That was also all over the pre-played section...

Nope, we are pretty much gonna sell our games no matter what. We consumers sure are the worst.

Boody-Bandit2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

If the industry moves towards no rentals or used games? I will move away from gaming. I'm not hurting for cash but I am rather fond of my hard earned money and I'm very selective of games I purchase new. They have to have longevity and really appeal to me. Genre's like racing, shooters (online), fighting games. Other genre's like action platform or adventure games I usually rent or purchase used. Even most RPGs I rent.

If they move away from used and rentals than we will have no resale or trade in value. Most of my friends trade in or sell their games online once they know they wont play them anymore. It will hurt businesses (Game Fly, Best Buy, GameStop, Amazon <- all accept trade ins or rent games) and it will make the developers become complacent.

I don't know about my fellow gamers but I wont support a console that only supports new games. I have been gaming for nearly 4 decades (since gaming's inception). Yes, I'm an old fart but a dedicated one. I have 2 rooms in my home dedicated strictly to gaming. I would hate to see the industry move in this direction but I could always find other hobbies that offer me escapism in my free time.

I personally think the greed is out of control in this industry now. What happened to the art and creativity this industry use to be about? Now it's all about nickle and diming every last cent they can get from us. If you want us to purchase new than EARN that coin. Bethesda is the last company that should be speaking out. Their last few games were ALL so broken. Give me a break. Seriously.

Oh_Yeah2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

They didn't make one fantastic game with tons of support and replayability...they made 5. Fallout 3, New Vegas, Oblivion, Skyrim, Dishonored, and Rage were all great.. The elder scrolls and Fallout series were some of the best selling games this gen. Maybe your not a fan of western rpgs or maybe you played some of them on ps3 or maybe you don't realize that their open world rpgs are some of the biggest games ever made and on top of that run on low end devs went as big or packed as much content into their games as Bethesda did this gen. Just some examples of support in Skyrim, fans asked for mounted horse and dragon combat, fans asked for ways to reset their perks, fans asked for kill cams on all weapons, and Bethesda delivered for free through patches. Other devs don't do that and if they do they'd charge you for it. And replayability? Skyrim and Fallout don't really end it keeps generating quests and you can play it over as a different class with different play styles, if your on pc add a ton of mods...There's no games that have more replayability then Elder scrolls and Fallout.

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Blackhawk32063d ago

Ha yeah. On topic though. Used games shouldn't be a problem. There are certain games I have no plans to buy whether it be I didn't like a demo or just not a fan of the lat genre. However I see a decently priced used copy I will give it a shot, and occasionally will buy some DLC if I'm pleasantly surprised. If the used option wasn't there, I'm not magically going to be enticed to buy it new all of a sudden. Make your games right and I won't part with it... Simple solution.

TongkatAli2063d ago

I wish there was a burn option for + bubbles : D

ApolloTheBoss2063d ago

Indeed. Let's apply Burn Heal to the effected area.

Tonester9252063d ago

If games were made correctly many gamers wouldn't trade the games in. They would cherish them. Release a crappy game and I'm going to try to get something else

solidjun52063d ago

I agree with thits! +1

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DragonKnight2063d ago

No they aren't. Stop making stuff up Bethesda (and other developers). Used games were at one point new. You don't get additional funds from people keeping their discs (no guarantee that they'll buy DLC or pay for microtransactions), and you sell copies to retailers not consumers. Stop this B.S. about used games hurting you when you know it's a load of crock spewed forth to justify greedy practices against the used games market.

Ducky2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

... but retailers have no reason to order more copies if they're getting a stream of used copies to sell.

That's why it is advantageous to have people who bought the game hold on to their copy instead of trading it in. As long as they keep it, there are less games on the used rack, forcing the retailer to get more.

I thought the guy's view was pretty balanced. He recognizes the issue player face, and I can see his point of view as well. Retailers make a chock full of cash from used games, and naturally, developers/publisher are going to be upset that they're not getting a cut.
If their counter attack is to make better games, rather than ream the consumers even further, then I don't see anything wrong with that.

DragonKnight2063d ago

And again I say that used games still aren't a problem. There's no guarantee that people will come buying the new game to begin with leaving unsold copies on the shelf. What would be the anti-consumer practice to deal with that? Developers are blowing the issue of used games up far too much and making it seem akin to piracy and theft.

MikeMyers2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

Perhaps if they made fewer games but better ones people would likely hold onto them longer. Gamestop makes most of their money from the used market so obviously that's a lot of money exchanging hands that these publishers/developers don't get to see.

It's not an easy fix like the article mentions. Eventually all games will be bought online and the used market won't be as much of an issue because those games will be tied to your account.

For now they just have to give consumers a product they feel justifies the $60 price tag. DLC is another tool they will keep using to keep gamers interested and not sell it.

MikeMyers2063d ago

If Bethesda is making stuff up then why does Sony have online passes in all of their internal games now?

DragonKnight2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

Hahahahaha. You're funny. You love to bring up off topic stuff because I blocked your annoying self. Good for you.

**EDIT** Why is it off-topic? Well for one, it's not about Sony so your fanboyism is showing. Two, you're bringing up a discussion we had over PM which isn't relevant to the topic. Three, you obviously looked for my comment to continue the discussion and again that's off topic. So have fun going off topic fanboy.

MikeMyers2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

Yet you keep ignoring the question. How is it off-topic? Sony, like EA, like Bethesda and many others are trying to off-set losses brought on by the used market.

It's amazing to see someone deflect so much because of their inability to ever criticize Sony.

MikeMyers2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

So instead of actually answering you decide to keep attacking? Very mature.

"Why is it off-topic? Well for one, it's not about Sony so your fanboyism is showing."

My fanboyism is showing? How can someone have fanboyism for pointing out something you're so afraid of admitting? Wouldn't someone who keeps dodging and deflecting be the one who is the fanboy? You also said Bethesda (and other developers). Sony has development teams.

"Two, you're bringing up a discussion we had over PM which isn't relevant to the topic. Three, you obviously looked for my comment to continue the discussion and again that's off topic."

No I didn't. More deflection on your part. I simply scrolled through the topics like I normally do and read some of the replies and noticed how you completely ignore your savior, Sony, not ever being mentioned when they too are using methods like online passes to offset the used market. This topic is only a few hours old. Get over yourself. I'm not replying to something you wrote days ago, this is a current topic you happen to be in. You've also replied to me multiple times in previous topics when I wasn't even talking to you. So enough of the defelections. It's totally on-topic and if anything your little hiss-fit is not only immature but 100% off-topic.

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MestreRothN4G2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

Prevent me from reselling your game and I'll prevent myself from buying it.

This has already put me away from DC Universe Online, which I really was interested into, and I know it will do it again. So, publishers, tell me again about how you never see money for used games?

The opposite is the truth. Many players buy games day-one (expensive for a lot of people/countries) only because they know they will be able to resell it.

Remove the possibility of reselling the game and you'll sell less.

So, yes, these companies profit with the used games market. And yes, again, they obviously know about it, but since is so easy to milk money from these consumers, why wouldn't they?

Trevonn2063d ago

About DC universe:
At least in the UK. Besides it can be downloaded for free. So it's a bad example

MestreRothN4G2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

Check your facts.

You are actually proving my point. The game was such a fail that it became free to play. L A T E R.

In the beginning, you couldn't trade the game. Obviously it was never mentioned before the release date.

RockerLestat2062d ago

DC Universe Online is an MMO. How many MMO's have consumers been able to trade in in the past? You couldn't trade in Final Fantasy XI on Xbox 360 or PC. You can't trade in World of Warcraft or Guild Wars 2. If this was a single player game I could see your argument here, but I am not seeing a relevant point with this.

Qrphe2063d ago

Geeze, Bethesda is concerned because people decide to sell off what's rightfully theirs? Geeze

Excalibur2063d ago

@JeffGUNZ, I agree that a Used game could replace the sale of a new game but not everyone can afford to buy every new game that comes out, Like you said Devs should be happy that used game could bring them a new customer for their future or even past titles AND that used copy couldsell more DLC for them.

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