New Source possibly confirms Durango features – “100% BC, no always-on feature ever considered”

A new source, found by NeoGAF member Cheesemeister, has potentially confirmed the final release specifications and features of Microsoft's upcoming Durango console. And these features are more than what any fanboy could have hoped for.

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NastyLeftHook02014d ago

just wait for the facts, not speculation.

Good_Guy_Jamal2014d ago

Oh so NOW people want to do the sensible thing and wait until Microsoft confirms.
I wonder why that is. Why the change in approach to rumors folks?

iGAM3R-VIII2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Very true, it is because when the rumours is going against them, they feel like it will have an advantage against them. Though mind you, the way you reacted makes you in the image as a Xbox fanboy so in theory you would both be in the wrong so next time I would just suggest not saying anything

Anyway when he says "Durango will be running Windows 8" this will be very interesting. I would want to see how that works out and everything else isn't really new things. This could be the most legit leak possible.

BUT he does say that he was TOLD these rumours which means that this could be less credible.

Nevertheless, if these rumours are true, it would be good to see how MS can utilize these features.

Damn E3 just has to be in June. and the MS reveal and rumoured PS4 reveal have to be in May -_-

reynod2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

I am a PC gamer hence not biased to ward any of the consoles. I think PS fans on this site have been rather biased and unreasonable.

When there is a bad rumor for the Xbox they will pretty much rejoice at it, however when a good rumor surfaces most of them will say "oh let MS confirm" lol. Funny how any good rumor for PS is taken as confirmation.

There is actually high chance the next Xbox will feature BC. Reason being Xbox 360 was already very close to PC architecture.

Its hard emulating the CELL with its SPU's however, emulating a PowerPC such as the one on the Xbox 360 shouldnt a challenge to MS.

I would think there is a high chance the next Xbox actually offers BC.

blackstrr4112013d ago

When a sony fan sees something positive bout nextbox rumours they always say let wait for mc to confirm. Pathetic if u ask me

isarai2013d ago

Who says tentonsoftube is one of the same guys who took the other rumors as fact?

papashango2013d ago

good guy jamal...

good guy jamal indeed

talisker2013d ago

@reynod: if you call IBM PowerPC RISC processor from X360 "close to PC", you clearly have no slightest clue what you're talking about.

Good_Guy_Jamal2013d ago

@isarai, check out Hingle's post @1.2 for proof that Tentonsoftube has flip flopped his approach to rumors according to his bias.

Saigon2013d ago

From reading the post, it looks to be fake. After reading through the post, some of the wording is really off. Many times the author refers to MS as his company and then changes and says he is a developer developing a game on the platform. the other item that keyed me a little was that he was directly referring to the Durango. Last I check most leaks referred to the Next Xbox directly and not the development system. Also, some items made no sense what so ever, the 360 SoC combined with the current x86 processor would require a substantial cost to apply development tactics as well as create/manufacture the system.

This is the reason why i would like MS to just release something about the system. At least confirm its existence or provide something because we are going to get fanboys releasing content based on the applied rumors. Other than that we need to wait until the speculative meeting in May or E3.

Peppino72013d ago

Its great news regardless.!

malokevi2013d ago

Positive news? Lets not react hastily, now...

lol. Did I just say that.... N4G?

Boody-Bandit2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

I'm a 360 gamer and have been saying all along always-on isn't a deal breaker for me. The only rumor I was/am concerned about is the ability to play used and rental games. As long as MS supports them. I'm golden.

I also have said I'm waiting for E3. I don't buy into rumors, only facts. E3 can't get here soon enough so we will ALL know fact from fiction. WOW what this place will turn into if all these (always-on and wont support used or rentals) rumors were indeed nonsense.

Either way I am so looking forward to next gen. I'm in the process of upgrading my gaming room while waiting on it's arrival.

sikbeta2013d ago

Ohohohohoho! all dat trolling for no reason lol guess some of those who wanted to believe all the bad rumors will hide for some time ;)

TedCruzsTaint2013d ago

Welcome to N4G.

It's only speculation if it's not confirmed and not pro-Sony related.

Dee_Cazo2013d ago

I was going to just comment on this and put "lolz"

but man

superterabyte2013d ago

Actually everyone has been saying wait till Microsoft says something. Including me. Oh and for good measure what do you guys plan on playing next gen?

GameSpawn2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

To those saying PowerPC cannot be emulated on an x86 architecture... Apple's Rosetta say's "HI!".

However, Rosetta applications run like a giant turd. It was only meant to transition PPC users to Intel slowly and give developers time to create Universal binaries or purely Intel ones. Apple has since dumped Rosetta in 10.7.x and up.

So, Microsoft "could" do it in software, but it will either run very slow and/or have "glitches".

The only real solution for Microsoft to have 100% BC is to actually put an Xbox SoC (System on a Chip - a combination of the current Xbox PPC CPU and its GPU) in the system along side the x86 hardware (much like Sony did with the PS2 hardware in the first PS3s). This probably won't happen due to the insane overhead involved in the cost of the system and also the heat that would inevitably be generated -- I'm sure you don't want "RRoD-gate 2.0".

bangshi2013d ago

OK so here are some reasons this is a fake.

- He/she claims to not know a lot of things. This is because he/she does not need to know those things. If the person is legit, then that is fine - there is a good chance you only get told what you need to know. However, on that basis - he or she cannot say with any degree of certainty that always-online was never considered. Because he or she said themselves many times in the pastebin, that they don't know everything.

It is therefore likely that they would also not know if at any point it was every considered.

I bet you it was. It is a very, very strong anti-piracy measure. They may not have gone through with the idea, but to say it was never considered? Don't believe it for a moment.

In planning you go all-out. You bring poor ideas to the table, you bring outlandish ideas to the table. Why? Because they can be worked on, fleshed out and turned into a good idea with work or it can spark someone else to say 'ah yeah good idea, but what if instead of xyz we do xyy'.

Another reason is that this person claims to be a Software Engineer but not a game developer.

On that basis, he or she either works for a company developing apps (ie. Netflix) or develops tools/engines for game companies. They don't know about the OS. Netflix devs would as they have to integrate with it - so that only leaves a tools or engine software engineer.

That person would know about how the 360 SoC integrates with the 720. No question. They have to know every in and out of the console.

And even if they weren't told, they would want to know.

Hell even many people on here who are just laymen want to know.

But he/she is dismissing it as no big deal.

Another reason - the controller. They know it looks the same, but feels different, but has never touched it. Bullshit.

One more reason - there is zero new information here, except that the 360 SoC can be utilised alongside the 720 SoC.

Everything else we already knew about. It just looks like they have read the leaked PDF from 2011 as everything in this 'leak' is in that document.

Saigon2013d ago

i don't get it, The rumors that were originally applied to the PS4 and Next Xbox came from very creditable sources. Such sources as Edge, Kataku, IGN, VG, Euro Gamer, NeoGaf, etc. They all seem to have similar rumors. We all considered them creditable, right.

With everything that has established in the last few weeks, we start receiving rumors from unknown sources. The funny part about this is that we are believing these unknown sources and stating their content to be true. My question is why? i don't believe the source because their are too many flaws. there is great content within this rumor posted, but if you look into where the info came from and how it was established, you will see it a fishy. 'Something Smells'. I just trying to figure out why the sudden change.

My stance is that we wait until MS confirms the details of their console. Sony has already confirmed the majority of the PS4 system and there is still more to learn.

Godz Kastro2013d ago

All of the sudden... Plus 1 Jamal

fr0sty2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Why assume that tentonsoftube was one of those people who was jumping to conclusions before? That only makes you look stupid if it isn't true. If it is, providing evidence would be a good idea.

KwietStorm2013d ago

Lol why does someone always act like one voice of reason is flip flopping? Like they speak for everyone?

adorie2013d ago

Sigh. Regardless of what rumors, we should always wait for the facts. I'm going to come back and see disagrees but that's okay, there's plenty of irrational people on this site which kills any surprise for going against logic.

In the spirit of things, everyone gets a bubble, then I'm gone.

brich2332013d ago

Because its to good to be true, lol

asmith23062013d ago

That is not true at all. Any recent article I have seen about the PS4 or next Xbox has always been filled with people saying wait for an announcement. Stop trying to get a dig in at something that wasn't there.

andibandit2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )


I read the post right after reading your comment. The difference in wording is because the author refers to diffrent sources. Also i could find a single sentence where the author refers to ms as his company.....please give an in context example

On a personal note, ill believe it when the words come out ms mouth

DatNJDom812013d ago Show
blackmagic2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Emulators to run powerpc software on x86 processors such as pearpc and sheepshaver have been around forever, run fast and are extremely stable and a new ati gpu being able to run code for an old ati gpu is obviously going to be easy. Backwards compatibility seems like a no-brainer to me.

AlphaJunk2013d ago

I am a M$ fan and don't see the problem or why anyone else is concerned or has a problem with what I support or how I spend my freakin' money. I'm pretty sure anyone that is making my product choices their concern should be worried about themselves and why they care what I am buying since it is really only a consumer product.

NewMonday2013d ago

this sounds more realistic than previous rumors, but their are 2 sticking points to this:

* how can the separate 360 SOC add to the overall Durango power without complicating development just to get about 15% extra power?

* how can the games for windows tie to the Durango marketplace? do they have one royalty rate and one submission process?

MysticStrummer2013d ago

"Oh so NOW people want to do the sensible thing and wait until Microsoft confirms.
I wonder why that is. Why the change in approach to rumors folks?"

As if MS fans haven't done the exact same thing, just in the opposite way. They've rejected negative rumors as hearsay, then pointed at positive rumors and squealed with joy. Let's keep it real.

ziggurcat2013d ago

@ good_guy_jamal

"Oh so NOW people want to do the sensible thing and wait until Microsoft confirms.
I wonder why that is. Why the change in approach to rumors folks?"

oh, so NOW you're choosing to accept this rumour as fact just because it contradicts the negative rumours...

JP13692012d ago

I like how you say that as if he must be a Sony fanboy since he wants to wait for MS to comment. The article states that the VGLeaks are accurate about everything except the 360 SOC, which would mean this new rumor corroborates the old rumor of the new Xbox being slower than PS4. So I ask you, why would anyone that's asking for us to wait for confirmation have any ulterior motive against MS? His response is nothing more than the sensible reply to what is basically the same basic rumor. Backwards compatibility isn't that big of a deal. I use it just as much on my Slim PS3 as I did on the fat, which is never. If MS does offer it, good for them. Having said that, it's not as if that's the thing that will sway the market in their favor if they don't already have a lot of other things going for them.
P.S. To anyone that actually thinks a CPU/GPU from 2005 is going to add significantly to the power of the system, you're kidding yourself. It'd be great if they could use it to run kinect and OS though.

Army_of_Darkness2012d ago

Cool... Now I won't have to feel sorry for the xbox 720 owners;-)

SkyGamer2012d ago

I always knew that bc would be there. MS owns the ChipSets in the X360. Why go through all that trouble not to offer bc????

bakasora2012d ago

Now this changes everything

elmaton982012d ago

Rumors are rumors but what is being said of the ps4 is true and besides if what this guys are saying it's true then I can't wait to hear what ms has in store for all of us.

Saigon2012d ago


After reading it over once again, a few hours later, he didn't make that reference, and i apologize for the confusion on my end, but it still doesn't change my stance about creditable sources. Technically MS and Sony is the most creditable you can get when gathering information but there are some websites that have very detailed and contain creditable information as I stated in my first post on this subject. Because the source is coming from some run of the mill person that created and then deleted their account on NeoGaf within minutes of posting the content (a little exaggeration on my end) seems a little suspect. And people are stating this as truth. It kind of reminds me of that Russian Website that laid out all the plans for the Next Xbox and the PS4 and implied how the Next Xbox had all this content. Later it was discovered as rubbish.

Coming into the Next generation I sort of expected the Next Xbox to be very powerful in comparison to the PS4; though every creditable source is stating otherwise. i don't care which is more powerful because I am going to get both regardless. My main problem in this case is not the system but the source.

My whole point is that I can't understand why people believe this mess and it hasn't come from a true creditable source such as MS or Sony itself.

CommonSense2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Jamal, I think we all know the answer to this... These people are idiots. A disgrace to the gaming community.

@reynod: "I think PS fans on this site have been rather biased and unreasonable."

that's putting it mildly. these people are complete douche bags.

nix2012d ago

everyone took "always online" as a rumour in the beginning but there were lot's of devs talking/discussing about it.. which never let the topic die. and then let's not forget the twitter fiasco. i mean that one incident made everyone think it was true.

there were so many circumstances that actually led everyone believe that it was true.

Karpetburnz2012d ago

You know this kind of goes both ways, When Its negative rumours Xbox fanboys say "Its only a rumour, wait for the facts" but if its a positive rumour Xbox fanboys all agree with it.

You cant call out a single group of fanboys for doing this, both PS3 and Xbox fanboys will only want to believe what ever rumour suits them.

gigoran2012d ago

And what you are doing is any different? Oooooook....

360ICE2012d ago

How do all of you guys get "Well said"? Not one of you said anything well.

Anyway, naturally hoping these rumors are true.

2012d ago
SkyGamer2010d ago

It's not a hard concept. The only thing you need is the triple core processor. The memory can be shared, beef up the eDRAM to 32 MB instead of 10 and a newer ATI video card with x86 cpu. The only tricky part would be to use the triple core dual thread alongside the 8 core x86. If they can achieve that, they would have a clear advantage. Triple core running at 3.2 ghz w/dual threads to work alongside 8 x86 cores w/32 mb eDRAM and 8 GB DDR3? Bring it on Micro!

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Hingle_Mcringleberry2014d ago

Wait and see he says. . .

Not once did you display this "sensibility" when you were commenting on the xbox always online rumors.
You seemed to have such colorful opinions towards the other rumors, why aren't you extending the same level of interest and imagination to these more positive rumors? I mean you were ready to take those negative rumors as fact!

Help your old buddy Hingle understand why you're suddenly so sensible as Jamal puts it. . .You're just full of it aren't you? Aint no explanation necessary.
And by it I mean dung!

WalterWJR2013d ago

I hope one day you will also stalk jamal

Saigon2013d ago

Well, my problem is that it seems fake, that is if you evaluate the original posts.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2013d ago

What's funny is all the agrees he gets on his speculation of bad durango rumors. :D LOL.. classic.

Godz Kastro2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )


The internet has a way of following you around. Dont forget that...

gobluesamg2013d ago

What a waste of your time to look for those comments. wtf

specialguest2013d ago

Thank you Mr Mcringleberry. Always wanted to catch these lil rascals in the act, but I'm glad you did. Fanboys will be fanboys, but there are a certain breed that are flip-floppers which are the worst.

zeee2012d ago

I own both 360 and PS3 but I game more on my PS3 than 360. A lot more. I also believe that Sony's rules this generation when it comes to software power. They have diverse amount of games for everyone! Do I hate my 360? Helllll noo! Why would I? Do I get paid by SONY or MS? It's quite the opposite actually.

I am glad that this rumor is out and about. I am getting SICK AND TIRED of these articles about XBOX 720 having always online features and what not.

Seriously, gamers need to shut up and play their games on their choice of platform. I have been saying this for so long, we should wait till E3.

We as gamers should WANT to see Nintendo, Sony and MS do well. We need a healthy competition between these companies. It only helps our cause.

And yeah, I have been saying that for a long time. You can even check my comment history.

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Convas2013d ago ShowReplies(2)
HarryMasonHerpderp2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

They will have a pretty big advantage over Sony if this is true. A lot of people will big this up as the sole reason to go with the next Xbox over the PS4.
For me personally though it really doesn't matter.
I'm only interested in next gen games for next gen consoles. I wish Microsoft would just announce their console already! too many rumours! XD

Kyosuke_Sanada2013d ago

It's what keeping the spotlight on the console and if I was Microsoft I would try to estimate a peak before releasing any news. The interwebs is such a fickle beast.......

Godz Kastro2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

I could do with out BC on the 360 although I want it. Same with ps4, I didn't own a ps3 for most of this gen and their are some exclusives I want to play. I want to know what all the hub-bub about journey is and last of us.

So... I hope both systems do it...
-PS cause I haven't played their games
-XBOX - because I've kept games I like and would like to keep some of them. Like the COD Zombie games...

rainslacker2012d ago

Running the 360 processor in parallel was the most interesting thing. It seems that goes against the rumored Mini/Durango leak last week though.

Interesting concept, but seems like it wouldn't be practical from a timing perspective.

I'm with you though. I'm ready for MS to announce it so we can stop speculating and hopefully having the start of the thread filled with fan boy nonsense.

THE TRUTH2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

I can't agree with the rumor based on the fact that this "insider" would have to be really high on the food chain to know 100% without a doubt that microsoft NEVER considered a always online console.

I think the truth about durango is probably somewhere in the middle of the negative and positive rumors. Microsoft just needs to announce the console and clear up all this BS.

MariaHelFutura2013d ago

Yep. When multiple rumors start popping up there is usually some truth to them. They just suffer the sewing circle effect and end up exaggerated or under stated.

rainslacker2012d ago

I wouldn't doubt that all the big 3 considered it. I also believe that all the big 3 decided it would be a bad idea, and that the market isn't ready for it.

I know I talked a lot of hate about the idea, but never believed MS would make a mistake that big.

MariaHelFutura2013d ago

This is great (if true). I don't care much for b/c, but always on makes it a no go for me.

OlgerO2013d ago

If these rumours are true then my interest in the next xbox has been sparked. Cant wait to see what they do with the thing. I hate monthly subscriptions though so if it has that to play online then i wont even consider it.

dcbronco2013d ago


I'm not sure that person would have to be so high. It say's the truth was hidden until now. That makes perfect sense and jibes with the rumor last week that the Durango has dual APUs. Now that we're within a month or two of a reveal(and point of no adjustments before launch), it was time to give the developers the big picture.

The big question is whether or not this is the same exact chip or a new and improved chip. An improved chip could handle services and BC at the same time. I would think it's an updated chip. Maybe a Power7 CPU attached to the long rumored 6670 GPU. Still the same basic architecture so it will run 360 games, but far more powerful and still very cheap. That would be a huge amount of power. And AMD has been adding ARM cores to APUs for security so that part could still be true.

Also and this would have bigger implications to me. If the OS is full blown Windows(maybe Blue) will it be able to play PC games. I would think not because they get no license fee for that. But it would open up a ton more games to Durango. But there were also those rumors that the Windows 8 store would be accessible on the Xbox.

Dlacy13g2013d ago

I agree, the biggest part of this rumor is the OS allowing games for pc to be played. Probably not full blown pc games but I certainly could see the indie stuff that is present in the Windows 8 store having no issue assuming controller support is present. This could also explain why MS was not so active on the indie scene at GDC, they feel confident they will get indies with a cheap license fee. Also explains why they dropped XNA support. All again "if true".

headblackman2013d ago

I was thinking the something on the next Xbox being able to play PC games. they Xbox may not have the license (or they may) but on the back of every PC game it says compatible with Windows (and then it gives the versions of windows along with the minimal to best specs to play the game on) so that could be the loop hole or the plan the whole time since xbox 360

THE TRUTH2013d ago

Obviously this insider would have to have know about the entire process from start to finish to know with 100% certainty that Microsoft NEVER even though of an always in console. Its not a debatable agrument. I'm not saying he/she is not in the know all I am saying is that this insider source is high up or is BS.

I'm sure whatever Microsoft Has up there sleeve it's somewhere in the middle of the negative and positive Rumors. I don't at all believe that Durango using 360 APU will drastically improve Durangos processing power. That just doesn't make sense.

rainslacker2012d ago

I think PC gaming would be done through something like what GFWL was doing. There is no way MS would allow unlicensed or unsigned code to run on the machine out of the box, and that is what PC software is.

MS would provide the market, and PC devs/pubs could decide to just use a base spec in order to release it on the system, with MS taking a cut. Much like Google or Apple do with their respective stores.

It could also open up the indie scene much like XNA was supposed to do if they have a reasonable marketplace that is heavily visited.

Could be quite a boon for them against Steambox if it gets the major PC AAA support.

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avengers19782013d ago

Possibly confirms... Is that like kinda sort of maybe.
The rumors that bug me are focus on casual and kinect centric.
I'm sure at E3 they will show lots of games, but will they be more core or more kinect.
The head to head battle between Sony an ms should be fun.
The competition between the 2 has really been beneficial to gamers as a whole

DeadlyFire2013d ago

Always on is true. Just not in the way people think. Sony has confirmed PS4 is always on and instant load up. This is likely the only always on that the X720 has for it as well.

Someone smeared the wording I believe into thinking online was even part of it.

iGamerZero242013d ago

Battery's in the new controller doesn't sound next gen IMO to be homes ! Heck Nintendo's pro controller had 80hrs of battery life ,.so there's no reason for battery packs ! It's 2013 MS...

AngelicIceDiamond2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

"just wait for the facts, not speculation."

Ok, I been saying that when the negative rumors were floating about, why is this so different now this is a positive rumor?


"The only thing that I do know for definite is that Durango will be running Windows 8. It will essentially be the full version of the OS, minus the desktop side of things. This means it’ll be running the new WinRT framework, which as a side effect also means that contrary to popular belief MS will be the most indie friendly of all the big 3 next gen.
This is because any app/game that is created for the Windows app store will (after adding controller support of course) be playable on Durango.
In other words, any random person worldwide can pay Microsoft a $60 license fee (for the Windows Store) and submit their app/game to the store where millions of people can then download/buy it. No expensive development kits needed."

That would be MONSTROUS. Though I disagree with @Tube we do have to wait for MS word so, its all just rumors.

EDIT: the fact that MS (rumored) will support full backwards compatibility does mean that MS does care about the gamer.

Its what I've been preaching for months now. MS has waaay more teams/support working on this thing. its unfortunate 360 got caught in the middle of MS internal development and growth going into next gen therefor MS couldn't "multitasks" as well with the 360 near the end of its cycle.

Releasing apps while making casuals and developing hardcore titles. Now Obviously that last one wasn't possible with MS because allot of the devs were hard at work with the 720 the past 2 or 3 of years.

To keep this short and sweet MS has more teams and support with the 720 then they ever did with the 360. And a new found openess with indies so expect a bunch of hardcore exclusive titles at E3 as well as great indie support.

if true, the possibilities can be endless.