AMD Radeon HD 7990 Launch Date Pushed to 24th April – Shown Running Tomb Raider in Eyefinity

A few days ago, it was reported that AMD might be introducing their latest Radeon HD 7990 graphics card around 22nd April. Looks like the date has been pushed forward to a 24th April launch schedule as reported by the folks at OCaholic.

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thechosenone2012d ago

thick bezel monitors? why?!

Cueil2012d ago

it doesn't matter... Eyefinity setup will correct for bezel width

thechosenone2012d ago

of course it matters, how much better would the image look if it were more unified.

ATi_Elite2012d ago

We can put a man on the Moon
We have remote controlled scientific robots on Mars
We have Voyager one the first man made object to leave our Solar System


We can't get ultra thin or NO Bezel monitors (well for an affordable price anyway)

hellvaguy2011d ago sells several thin bezel monitors. Asus ones look nice.

minimur122012d ago

theyre just showing off lol

Conzul2012d ago

I will never understand the desire for multiple monitors over a single hi-res one. I could never take the breaks of monitor bezels.

Cueil2012d ago

It works fine... Eyefinity will adjust for the bezel width

Conzul2012d ago

The point is that there's a place in the gaming field where my eye has to "skip" over. That shouldn't be a thing. Screw that.

Cueil2011d ago

my assumption is that none of you have used Eyefinity on multiple monitor setup... there is no jarring issues... your brain will autocorrect for the space... it take very little time to get use to it

ExCest2012d ago

Those big, single high-res monitors cost a hell of a lot of money and tend to need to be custom-ordered to get one.

I personally hate seeing bezels and dual-screen is only useful to me for work and stuffs.

MikeMyers2012d ago

I agree, it looks stupid. I would rather set a budget and buy the biggest monitor I could with it.

2012d ago
mochachino2012d ago

Who want screen bezels on the image. Totally ruins it for me.

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