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GR-UK writes: "After countless encounters with the world's biggest boy scout in multiple generations worth of poor video game tie-ins, I've been itching to punch that spit-curl off Superman's face. Thanks to the team behind Mortal Kombat, Netherrealm Studios, I finally get the chance."

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AmayaAi2011d ago

It deserves a little more than 6

IcyEyes2011d ago

Site like this will be close one day and finally those guys will start to make something better to waste their time.

The review is 850 words (...) and yes, I spent few time for reading his "review" and its pretty terrible and useless.

Folks, dont waste your time over those website. Really.

BXbomber2011d ago

wow a 6 every other review has given this game no less than an 8 and mostly 9s and this site gave it a well i got my collectors edition and this game is a 10 to me cuz its a comic fanboy's dream :)

dark-kyon2011d ago

i wonder which of theses sites the rewiever is a good fighthing gamer,i am sorry but a new fighting game whit scores 9,9,5 to me is a casual rewiev,this studio must work in another mortal kombat to improve the gameplay what is a joke in the simple what is.

SilentNegotiator2011d ago

Mostly 9s?

.....riiiiiight, that's why it's averaging at 8.1

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante2011d ago

I knew it would flop from the demo. They should've just made MK10 instead because every time they attempt to make a fighting game with DC characters they always fail.

LOGICWINS2011d ago

I loved the demo. Not sure what your talking about.

Captain Qwark 92011d ago

agreed and i will buy the game

Skizelli2011d ago

If by "they" you mean NetherRealm (formally Midway Games), MKvsDCU was one of their best-selling games. Other than that, there's not many pure DC fighting games to go on, the last one being Justice League Task Force for the SNES.

WeskerChildReborned2011d ago

Lmao go look at the other reviews for this game and then tell me the game flopped when i've mostly been seeing above 8 and sometimes even a score of 9/10

antz11042010d ago

LMAO, you have no idea what you're talking about. Dont fall when you get off your soapbox.

Great game, alot of fun.

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blackstrr4112011d ago

It is awesome!!!! They aren't as stiff as MK fighters and its a classic fighter with no blood. This gen best fighting games imo are. Streetfighter 4, tekken tag t 2 Injustice DOA then MK9

Deku-Johnny2011d ago

Definitely worth more than a 6. This is the only review I've seen that has anything less than 8.

WeskerChildReborned2011d ago

Well their was a 7.5 but mostly been seeing above 8 or 9s hell i even saw one 10.