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New Gamer Nation - Naruto is a name almost everyone recognizes to some extent, even if you aren’t necessarily into anime. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is the latest video game spin-off of the highly successful animnated series. It takes the general game mechanics from Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, but adds a few bells and whistles to present a more updated game. There is a question that is always asked when a game is a spin-off from a popular franchise: is the game actually good, or is good gameplay sacrificed for an overload of fan-service for loyal fanboys to geek over? Well, truthfully, this game is made for and played by Naruto fans, but that doesn’t mean you should completely disregard it.


Sorry for the confusion everyone. It actually got a 7.5/10 it was a problem with the site! The review itself is a very quality one and this was just an error on my part as I'm not the reviewer... please don't blame him. Really apologize for this one.

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H4all2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

are you serious about this rating?
i love naruto video game really much..
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3
is a awesome series to be play..

explain to me more about this...
i have a gift to you... look the attachment..

colonel1792014d ago

It's a good game, but is really the worst of the series. A lot of important battles were just normal battles without the cinematic feeling (and QTEs). in UNS 2 almost every battle was epic! I wanted the fights with the jinjuriki to be epic, instead I got 6 at the same time and it was crowded and it was the same as fighting the white zetsus... meaning just a meh fight. ..

I hope they improve A LOT with the next one, because if they are going to make the next fights, which are epic as they can be, just like this the game will fail.

pompombrum2014d ago

Not to mention them leaving out important characters from being playable and them refusing to add them as DLC while give us absurd costumes.

0/5 is harsh however it's not worthy of being called a full priced sequel.

ZeroX98762014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

um, 0/5 so for this guy, big rig is a better game than this?!?!?!?

Shadonic2014d ago

That had to be the worst review I ever read. It's like If I produced an incredible series of movies that got great reviews but this one reviewer gave it a straight 0 not because of the story or the quality but because he didn't understand who the characters were because he just jumped in.

I may be wrong on some parts but from what I've read this guy is just some random guy reviewing something he didn't even bother to study or learn about and is giving it a low score because of his laziness and negligence to review it from the standpoint of someone who at least played and bought the previous 3 other titles. You wouldn't come into the last Harry potter book expecting to know everything that happened before than and blaming the author because YOU didn't read it.

I give this review a freaking -9000/10

deep_fried_bum_cake2014d ago

I'm not going to click the website to view the review but I see often enough in reviews of anime games that the reviewers score the games down because the haven't bothered looking into the series at all. This is just ridiculous though.

I've rated the story and site accordingly.

GamersXTREME2014d ago

The interesting thing is that this reviewer doesn't understand what a "0/5" signifies. As a critic myself, I can completely level with other critics opinions...that is when they're logically backed up.

When I received the review copy for this game, I thought "Damn, I don't know anything about this series..." However, within the time frame I had to complete the game and write up a review for it, I chose to thoroughly research the series' material and speak with a friend of mine who's a die-hard Naruto fan. Knowing that I was reviewing a game under such a huge fan base, it's only right that I service the fans with a review that catered toward their much beloved franchise.

The funny thing is, not knowing anything about the series' history or story, I was really engaged in the experience and was able to pick up on the characters backgrounds. I'm sorry but I have to respectfully disagree with this site's "0/5" score. If a game is getting that score, it means it's completely unplayable and there's not a single redeemable quality. A "0/5" means there was nothing on the disc when you put the game in your system.

DroppinLoot2014d ago

Hey sorry there was an error in the code on our site the review is actually a 7.5/10 not a 0/5. Apologies for the mistake. We don't hate Naruto!

raWfodog2014d ago

Even Naruto haters gave it a 2/5 or a 6/10. To give it a zero just smacks of desperation for hits. Please do not click on site and thumb down accordingly.

Williamson2014d ago

Wouldn't 0/5 mean the game is unplayable? Horrible review! We see reviews giving out dumb scores like this all the time, so its best we don't give this site hits and move on to another good article/review. Its obvious that this game was made for fans of the series, so much care was put into the story and characters that giving it a 0/5 is just stupid.

SpiralTear2014d ago

Pretty much. A 0/5 implies that the game is fundamentally and foundationally unplayable as a game. If the reviewer gave the game that score due to the difficulty in understanding the subject material, that then implies that the subject material is 100% of a game, which in my recollection, is false.

SpiralTear2014d ago

Please, please, PLEASE tell me that the 0/5 score was an accident, because the content of the review doesn't match up with the verdict in any way.

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