The State of Mac gaming

Mac Gaming HQ writes, "Go to any technology forum and ask a question involving Gaming and the Mac Platform. I bet you someone will mock you within the first 3 answers! Life is hard for the common mac gamer. You would imagine the situation has improved over time. After all, more and more AAA games are being ported to the mac right? The sad reality is that Mac games are still considered as a joke for many and they will try to convince you that a joke it shall remain. I decided to look more closely into the situation and figure out whether they actually had a point, or they were just being unreasonable fan boys. Is Mac gaming really a joke? it it getting better? If so, how can we tell?"

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ricmcgamer2012d ago

Thanks man! First submission ever, glad people is liking it :)

thebudgetgamer2012d ago

I like the idea of more ways to game, good for Mac owners.

With the rise of Linux and OSX as gaming platforms hopefully we can get away from crappy Windows.

ricmcgamer2012d ago

Specially if the famous Steam-box uses a Linux based system, there's a chance multiplatform games (supporting Linux and OS X) gain some weight!

burnedsap2010d ago

yay Maurice Moss!

Mac games should be different, and as far away as possible from Windows games, and create their own unique niche genre. That would be wicked.

burnedsap2010d ago

We need indie game devs to move to Mac. If they do, the bigger companies will follow.