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CheatCC writes:

I don’t claim to understand every decision NetherRealm made with their new DC inspired fighter, but even with all its flaws, Injustice can’t help but be a crowd pleaser. Even if sometimes it’s more fun to watch than it is to play.

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zeroskie2012d ago

Terrible review and preoccupation with a single aspect of the button layout.

His argument against the controls doesn't even make any sense. I play with a stick, so of course I want to have the option of multiple button presses to prompt a throw. How is that outdated? DOA, Tekken,VF, BlazBlue, and all the major fighters have it because it reduces lag when you have to move your fingers to another button.

Haven't played the game yet, but I bet you could use stance change to psych out human opponents.

No wonder they don't have a comments section, best thing to do is avoid this site from nowon.

lovegames7182012d ago

3.5 isnt a bad score however and based off the demo is probably what i would rate it. I know the demo is only a fraction of the game but i wasnt to keen on it.

GuruStarr782012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

After playing through the game for a while now and finishing story mode, I can honestly say I agree with the score.... Cut scenes in story mode are atrocious, graphics-wise (look like PS2 almost!)and the game just feels like a heavier version of mortal kombat with DC skins and no fatalities imho....

Captain Qwark 92012d ago

who cares if there are no fatalities. THIS IS NOT MORTAL KOMBAT! just because its the same devs mean nothing. SF, Tekken, Marvel Vs Capcom, etc....none of them have fatalities and you wouldnt knock those for it so im not sure why its an issue here.

and if you say "well because its netherrealm" last i checked, just because you had one feature in a game you made doesnt mean your required to have that same feature in all future games. fatalities are unique to mortal kombat!