Top 5 Explosive Running Games

GG3 takes a look at the most explosive running games on the market. When the going gets tough, which of these titles offer the high-octane action and power we all crave? And is there more to this explosion of velocity than meets the eye? Maybe there's a message somewhere.

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RazzerRedux1093d ago

Warface: Breakout
Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse
Metal Slug 3
Port Royale 3

darthv721093d ago (Edited 1093d ago )

Metal "Heavy Machine Gun" Slug... hells yeah!!!

I've played all the MS games but they are still so much fun.

Orchard1093d ago

Unpopular opinion but they should just scrap GWG. It's become weak since Game Pass took over. Perhaps they need to merge the two services fully.

ocelot071093d ago

It is merged fully. It's called game pass ultimate. Microsoft pretty much want everyone on gamepass.

But can't just cancel gold because it will annoy so many users. It will make them feel like they are forcing gamepass into them. Next option for them is to make gold look like rubbish value. Which is what they are doing. No more 12 month sub codes. Monthly games are a joke these days.

CYALTR1093d ago

I'm pretty sure that was the idea they had when they doubled the price of Gold. That didn't go over so well! I think you are definitely on point though.

Parasyte1093d ago

You can still buy a 1-year sub. They reversed that policy the same day it was revealed.

Profchaos1093d ago

The recent price jacking of good went over as well as a lead balloon but the fact it would of been more expensive than gamepass Ultimate was a clear middle finger to gold only subs

Christopher1093d ago (Edited 1093d ago )

Yes. Giving fewer options now is how it should go. You either pay for GamePass (which requires Ultimate for GWG, btw) or get nothing. We'll totally forget how Microsoft sold GamePass as an idea of more options for gamers, now it is the only option. Sounds like a great idea. And exactly what Microsoft wants people to think and why they are putting crappier games out on GWG.

Orchard1093d ago

I mean I agree. I don't think less options is better, but right now the options are basically a weakened Live sub for the same price as a previously strong Live sub, or Game Pass Ultimate. Either merge them (without a price increase), or scrap GWG since it's been weak for a while, and make Gold a bit cheaper.

ocelot071093d ago

@Orchard it's never going to happen. Microsoft has invested so much money. They are banking on everyone on pc and the Xbox platform to move to gamepass or gamepass ultimate. Not give people a cheaper option. At least least not for much longer.

This is why as a pc gamer I don't buy into gamepass. For now while Microsoft keeps offering me £1 a month or £1 for 3 months it's worth it. But once all these nice offers go away. I won't be subbing to gamepass. Not for £150 a year.

I much rather buy 3 games I know I'll get my enjoyment out of and monies worth. Than £150 a year to play the same 3 games.plus try a few more and loose access to them aftr a year.

crazyCoconuts1093d ago

I'd agree if online play was free. Given that it's not, it would be uncool to force ppl to pay the price of gamepass +gold just to play online.
BTW, re: ocelot @ gamepass for PC, MS rather quietly tiered gamepass so that you don't get certain games unless you have ultimate. Hivebusters requires ultimate to get to. I think they'll use this tiering strategy for their bigger AAA titles in the future

DJStotty1093d ago (Edited 1093d ago )

I think the options are still the same :-

Option 1 - Gold sub, online multiplayer and GWG (£39.99 12 months until codes run out)

Option 2 - Gold sub + gamepass sub seperately (i did this for around a year or so), online, GWG, 363 gamepass games (around £120 per year)

Option 3 - Gamepass Ultimate - XBL gold, gamepass 363 games, EA Play, Xcloud, Gamepass for PC, GWG. (gamepass currently stands at around 380-400 games) (around £130 per year)

For me personally, option 3 is the most cost effective, breakdown :-

Option 1 - £39.99
Option 2 - £120.00
Option 3 - £130.00

DJStotty1093d ago

Please explain disagrees, as i do not want to be stating false information.

As far as i am aware, everything stated is fact.

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Jericho13371093d ago

They should do away with gold altogether and just have Xbox Live as a free service with GamePass being the premium service.

I can imagine them bringing more tiers to GamePass as well, like basic (2 downloads per month or something like that).

NeoGamer2321092d ago

I am fine the way it is. Kind of nice getting 4 games every month that add to my collection.

I am not sure it is really that weak. Warface is a newer release of a decent game, VALA is a fun duel stick shooter, Metal Slug 3 is a nice side scrolling shoot'em up and Port Royal 3 is a pretty good RPG that not a lot of people have or would have bought. But any PC RPG fan would probably enjoy.

Frankly, both PS Plus and XBL Games with Gold have had a disappointing past 12 months overall. Gone are the days where we would see a 4-6 month massive triple AAA game. Here are the days of the multi-year old AAA and well rated games.

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TheColbertinator1093d ago

Metal Slug 3 is the only title I would check but I already bought it for every platform on the planet.

Father__Merrin1093d ago

Terrible month Mslug 3 is alright as well as War frame breakout tho the other 2 no point in them

DJStotty1093d ago

Not bad for me, i have not played any of these 4.

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