E3 2013: Preview of Nintendo and it’s Secret Weapon

There’s under two months remaining until Nintendo will front up to E3 with it’s back against the wall with other new consoles being revealed and discussed. Nintendo always performs at it’s best when it’s threatened and there is one secret weapon that’s been very quiet for a couple years. Something that could really bring the Wii U back from it’s testing launch period and that’s...

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danny8182038d ago

One game is supposed to go up against ps4 and the next Xbox? Dude get out of here !

Thatguy-3102038d ago

Don't forget the games that follow the NEW console. Wii u will be irrelevant during e3 if they don't pop up with new Ip's that have potential. The industry has all eyes on Sony and Microsoft. Nintendo messed up their head start.

Realplaya2038d ago

Your right Sony will show a game system that has pretty visuals and it will have 50 games at launch it will be $200.00 or less with a cool eye toy that smashes the kinect. Unlike the Wii U touch screen we will have our same controller with a tacked on touchpad. That my friend is innovation at it's best and as killzone showed we killing anything out there.

Realplaya2038d ago

Mad at what exactly? I'm just living in your fantasy world.

Thatguy-3102038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

Fantasy world?? No one is expecting a price of 200$ or less. Remember the 600$ price tag. Graphic wise the ps3 provides the best graphics on exclusive games from the 3 console manufacture. Don't see the fantasy world your talking about? But yea stay in your fantasy world where Nintendo wins E3. When has it won it? Stay optimistic because that's what most wii u buyers could only do. Can't wait for e3 to come around to see what excuses you guys make.

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SonyNGP2038d ago

Never underestimate Smash Bros. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

BitbyDeath2038d ago

This may be the best E3 ever as everyone has promise of excitement.

MS - new Xbox
Sony - more details on PS4
Ninty - Having to find a way to combat both and gain some spotlight

schlanz2038d ago

good point, best in awhile at least

BullyMangler2038d ago

sounds like you just dont know what ninty has in store this E3 ehh

HammadTheBeast2038d ago

Please. Enlighten us peasants.

ScubaSteve12038d ago

let me guess zelda or smash brothers that cant go up against new console reveal

xabmol2038d ago

They really need something that actually shows that the new controller/iPad thingamajig is actually useful...

TheoreticalParticle2038d ago

"Preview of Nintendo and IT IS Secret Weapon"

Learn how to write, "writer".

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