Screenshots of some games for the PS3 E-DISTRIBUTION!

Check out these screens of some of the e-Distribution titles released by Sony and their third parties.

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zypher5887d ago

good to see that Sony has its e-distribution games up and running, though i'm still curious as to what David Jaffe's game will be all about. nice find Astaroth

kmis875887d ago

I can rest easier knowing they're going in with more than just flow available, although flow is looking really good now.

specialguest5887d ago (Edited 5887d ago )

this is a good way for smaller(poorer) independant companies to sell and distrubute their games. it totally eliminates the more expensive alternative which are manufacturing the product, the blu-ray disc, casing, packing, etc. no more unsold game disc sitting in the warehouse, now everything is digital.

eques judicii5887d ago

this is exacly what xbox live arcade has and is doing already.... this is nothing revolutionary... but sony will pass it off as such.

Siesser5887d ago

Happy to see progress. I hope they release soon what ps1 games you can download; there are a bunch of titles I'm really hoping make the cut. I have flow on my pc already, and it's quite the addicting game. And I must admit that I'm a sudoku/kakuro addict, so that should be cool to do when bored enough.

zypher5887d ago

yeah, i forgot about downloadable PSOne games. now that i think about it, i just might sell my copies of Suikoden 1 and 2 on ebay (for about $90 apiece), wait for the PS3 and just download them onto the hardrive.

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The story is too old to be commented.